Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Event Update from Buck McCall aka EastCoast

Buck McCall

I want to take this opportunity to thank Batman and company for the wonderful call last night. I love a good challenge and his callers were wonderful and superb. I never expect all people to agree with what myself and other "travelers" have been speaking of regarding this transition. Batman held the cleanliness and professionalism perfectly.

For those of you who missed.....

My main intention(in case I got off track) was to message folks about what happened yesterday with Obamas surprise speech. The main point i caught was when he spoke at the end about beginning of the year announcements. I am certain because of everything in that room---his tie, flag, and his mannerisms and words--was the signals needed for our side to proceed. Also yesterday he spoke of the military coming clean and outing the sexual misconduct by military. That is one of the main keys I was told to watch for. So there we are!!! wow!! All we are seeing with the speeches hes given lately, including the FED taper and stocks absolutely going nuts is all the perfect storm needed to close this book, and we will see more stories coming out early this coming week. It will be a huge montage and as I see things I will let you all know..most will find anyways!;)

So again I was glad to tells folks who were mainly in the dark last night that Nesara is most important, that the pp's are gonna rock and that the rv's of all nations will be done after everyone is sovereign!!! ANNOUNCEMENTS ARE PRIMARY TO THIS WHOLE THING GOING DOWN!!!!;)

Our president is the entity who was groomed to take down from the core this entire world structure of the corporate system and its operators in all nations. For those of you who may still doubt this, he will be the main person announcing the "event" changes back to our republic, the gold standard, TONA, etc. if those of you who doubt this would give him positive spiritual backing then it will blend with your consciousness and you would then see it and believe for yourself. Remember----the whole picture!!!

One last thing--RESPECTFULLY: to the gentleman on the call last night who had questioned me being a christian...? I am proud to say that I no longer stand with organized religion as it is mainly criminal and is hidden from those who truly beleive in a higher power. I would rather say that I am a spiritual leader and know that I have empathy..and not religion. All religious factions were created to divide, destroy, and control. If you have god in you, then you have mastered the consciousness of the spirit and are truly in that divinity. YOU DONT NEED A CHURCH, PREACHER, OR BOOK TO HAVE SPIRITUALITY. YOU DONT NEED TO GIVE MONEY TO CORPORATE PLACES OF WORSHIP TO GO TO HEAVEN. Be kind to YOUR fellow human and mother earth. If you don't know the difference between right or wrong..then you lack empathy--not religion!

so to get you all excited even article out today---remember my last post about treasury yields!!!!!!!!!!!