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Have you ever sat back and noticed that when you are in a bad mood nothing goes right for you? You’re angry and yelling at someone in your home and you walk upstairs and miss a step, or stub your toe or lose your keys.

Have you ever sat back and noticed that when you are in a good mood and just letting things flow, that everything seems to just fall into place and happen as if it was scripted specifically for you?

Have you ever sat back and wondered why you were getting so emotionally charged when your friend was telling you that her husband was cheating on her? You felt down and sad and it changed your entire mood!

Have you ever sat back and often said I am so done with drama?

Have you ever sat back and wondered why you are so drawn to drama?

There are many answers in my humble opinion for these things. What I can say is it’s in the way we were taught to view things. It starts when we are young. We learn the views and “RULES” our parents “FEEL” we should follow based upon how they were raised and how they view the world themselves. We then get thrown into the public school system where we are beaten down even more. Our creative responses and genuineness is slowly ripped away and we end up with what feels like, the man behind the mask. It’s almost as if people have been programmed to be robots. Think, feel, and act based on someone else’s views, beliefs, ideas and norms.

I read an article the other day about a boy who was suspended from school for pointing out some in-discrepancies in a History lesson. Another article stated that a kid was reprimanded for questioning the validity of information. Now they are training the teachers to teach what is called “Common Core” to the children of today and tomorrow in our Public Schools. What is common core? It’s an agenda established by certain people in certain power groups that dictate what materials students must learn in conjunction with excessive testing. This takes away creativity from teachers and students. It’s as if our children are just being programmed to be the next tax slaves and hard worker for “THEIR” gain! The interesting thing is how well this actually works. There are not many people out there who actually ask of or question the system they were raised to think was normal. You’re told money is actually valuable and believe it because it buys things. Some believe your leaders are working for your better interest. When someone comes along that rips that nicely pressed suit off the establishment and points it out, most people run away in fear or disbelief based on wanting to remain asleep. Sometimes it’s easier to be a robot then to be yourself. When someone tells them taxes are voluntary they automatically take that as untruth and just ignore it.

People are so quick to judge instead of actually reading things from an open mind and questioning anything anymore. Most are too lazy to even do their own research that they become dependent on everyone else answering questions for them. That in of itself is what has caused this all and can get you in a jam with major disinformation. It’s because of the way we are raised and the schools teaching us “NOT” to ask questions. You get in trouble if you ask questions. Your friends and family will look at you in a different light. You might be labeled the conspiracy nut job that lives on the corner. We are also taught that to, that it is important what other people think of us because that is who we are. We are constantly looking for approval from all around us on the outside and never from the only person we need approval from, "OURSELVES"! Just sit and do you work like a good little boy/girl and do your job “OUR” way and the world will be one big happy place. Take a look around you; is this one big happy place at the moment?

The funny thing is its True! The IRS actually has forms to fill out to stop paying your taxes. The forms 1040 and W2 you fill out are merely contracts that you unwittingly agree to because well, you think it’s how life works because that’s what you were taught in school and you trusted what you were told. We are taught to play follow the leader. We are taught to play listen to the authority yet we are never taught to question the leader or authority. Who made them leaders and said they had any authority over us anyways? We did. We let them take over control of us instead of taking responsibility of ourselves. Why did we get so lazy? We were taught to. So let’s stop blaming others and start taking responsibility, not just for ourselves but for our children’s future as well.

The forms you can find from the IRS website if you’re interesting are the Form 56 and the Commercial Denial Form. It’s important that one knows what they are doing when filling these out and how it works. Do your research! You also must know what a Fiduciary Agent is, which is you in the world of “THEIR” legal system. Then again I am not here to give legal advice or point people in the direction of how to stop paying taxes without having the IRS breathing down your throat because they are actually voluntary. I am merely here to point out to people that we have lost our VOICE! We let it be taken and have been silenced into everyone else’s “IDEAS” of how and what we should be doing in life. This is quite sad, very, very sad indeed. 

I started this blog with the objected of helping people wake up to the lies they are told and foolishly “be-LIE-ve” without so much, as a peep. To give some material to those trying to help their friends and family see these lies because so far I have found that passing along YouTube videos and articles don’t work. I don’t think they work because they are loaded with fear and the attitude of “I AM RIGHT, YOU ARE WRONG” and pointing fingers at people who might not be awake as if they are the problem. We seem to forget that at one point in time we were also there as well, some might never have been but most of us have been.

We need to always see things from both sides of the fence, and both points of views. This is the important part and it helps us be more discerning and accepting of truth's we normally would just pass on by. Someone once told me to be the;


And I thought this was the most brilliant way of seeing life. It expands your mind and allows you to be open to all possibilities instead of trying to predict an outcome which takes you out of living the moment. I realized that for the most part, I have always really observed my own life as if I am in one big play and tried not to get to darn serious about it. I know now that the only thing I was really supposed to get serious about was, loving myself and taking responsibility for what I let into my life! Without loving ourselves we will be in a constant negative state of mind always trying to outwit ourselves and LIE to ourselves. We will also NEVER take responsibility for anything that is fed to us, told to us or depicted as truth. I think the time has come to get up and get honest and responsible with ourselves, and quit being the Man In The Mask!

When we start to expand our Heart’s and leave our ego and logical mind behind it’s almost like someone cleaned the windows and you can finally see the beauty all around you. Not until we scrub our window’s will we be able to fully grasp what it’s like to fully see the world and all that it has become and could be. There have been so many things hidden from us on purpose. People wielding fake money and false power have made sure of this. The truth of who we are is what they are really scared of. Once we realize exactly who we really are and be the, I AM THAT I AM while fully grasping what that truly is, this will be the reality you are stuck in till the day you die. Sound’s sad doesn’t it?

So if anyone is interested I will include some wonderful YouTube video’s and links that can help you dig down the rabbit whole. I must tell you that most of the information in this hole is there to keep you merely occupied in a state of fear and panic. So look at it all as the Conscious Objective Observer and do not let yourself get emotionally charged with it. The first step to gaining knowledge and truth is to wake up to the LIE! Until you have faced the deceptions that exist and know what has been going on you can’t get yourself out of that cage you locked yourself up in. The real knowledge comes from ancient hidden secrets, sacred geometry, and a plethora of hidden secrets in just about every sector or topic of discussion you can think about. The links I have provided are the ones I myself found quite interesting. I don’t claim that all the information within them is correct. You must use discernment and pick and pull the puzzle pieces out. As always most things are done by someone else's views or beliefs, yet there is a bit of truth in all things. Either way your journey is yours and you are the only one that can find your path!

May your lives be blessed!

This video has 15 video’s that go in succession, each one anywhere from, 7 to 20 minutes long. I added the link for the 1st video. You can find the next one on YouTube by simply typing in the name in the search bar on YouTube and just adding the next number you are going to. I would also recommend subscribing to that channel because there are many other videos that have wonderful information.

You can go here and find out all types of legal information and how the system really works to defeat you and keep you an unknowing prisoner. This is where you can learn Common Law, which is not what we are under at the moment they use Admiralty Law.

These have some things that might seem or sound out of this world but must remember as the Conscious Objective Observer anything is possible. Question everything and investigate everything no matter what it is. There is lots of viable information with these videos.

With the next one there are tons of videos under this username’s channel on YouTube. I would recommend watching them as there are all kinds of great information  and hidden truth's here to.

Now with those links you can get a bigger picture of things. You can begin to look into things and start to question so you can move forward and really hone your skills on becoming the master of discernment. You can also begin to see how the wool was slowly pulled right over your eyes. Use your internal lie detector which is your Heart. Of course these videos are all ones that I myself found to have tons of truth within them that really starts to help you connect the dots of the bigger picture. Always remember there is so many thing's out there to mislead you down the path of fear and death and destruction. Try your best to not have an emotional attachment to them and get yourself all worked up. That will keep you from using your inner voice to GUIDE you in the right direction. Listen to your Heart Space, Guides, Higher Self, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost or whatever you want to call that as it will help guide you in the right direction. It is good to always do this without FEAR and an open mind!