Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Reader wonders if anyone knows what has happened to Georgi Stankov

A week ago a reader in Australia asked me if I knew why Georgi Stankov's site had not been updated since late November. Previous archives on the site indicate very frequent updates prior to that. Indeed, now more than two weeks have gone by with no changes on the site:
Others who have noticed this gap have even wondered if he has "ascended", since he has been a proponent of the "ascension" philosophy:
If any reader has current information concerning the website hiatus, please advise. 


Reader sends comments about Georgi Stankov's possible ascension
from reader J:
What I understand from his articles was that he and Carla Thompson were scheduled to ascend between Nov 28 when the Comet Ison would be near Earth...and a week later, or so, when Ison would be nearer the sun.
So, I think he and Carla already ascended.
Ascended where, I don't know. We can only guess.
However, he is exceptionally very angry at the illegal WH occupants and he vowed to route them out as soon as his ascension is done.
If these two have already ascended, well...we can sit back now and see what will happen to the present WH occupunks.
I have no desire to ascend. I already notified Heaven that they can go on without me.

MrFusion sez:
Actually, Comet ISON was closest to the Sun on Nov. 28. The remnants of ISON will be nearest Earth (maybe 40 million miles away) on Dec. 26, on the basis of the originally calculated orbit. Then, around Jan. 15, Earth will pass within about 3 million miles of what was ISON's incoming orbit, where ISON was on Halloween.
Reader insists Georgi Stankov must have ascended

From reader Velimir:
isn't that clear? Presumably he has ascended. Last two weeks of his mail activity he has been preparing himself and his Light workers to ascend on 28. Of November on the day when comet ISON (I – SON!) passing next to the Sun. Every mail he sent in this two weeks was about it. The excitement of members was huge, enormous. The Gaia Portal are wide open, as he said, and those who prepare themselves (convert their bodies to light bodies) are ready to go.
Ciaos, :-) Velimir

MrFusion sez:
If Mr. Stankov has indeed ascended, one wonders why some provision had not been made to inform others of such a significant event, in particular as encouragement to those who might be striving to achieve a similar state themselves.

More reader comments about the possible ascension of Georgi Stankov

First, this from reader H. in Australia, who originally asked me to look into this:
Well, Velimir may be right. It was certainly Georgi's plan to ascend. No doubt about it. However he has a wife and famiy and you'd think they would have posted something about him being "missing in action" if he has left the third dimension.

More and more curious by the day!

Reader "phoenix rising" expresses a less-than-sanguine opinion:
If George did manage to ascend, then he went to the
false light realm. Many of his erroneous beliefs
were setting him up for it and he was too stubbornly
engrained to see that the "ascended" masters", Great
White brotherhood etc. were all part and parcel of a
false light realm. I do know however that when the true
ascension happens (where ever he is) he and the others
there will be saved through intervention which will
occur for anyone who got taken in by these guys!

MrFusion sez:
I'm thinking there are more mundane possibilities. For example, perhaps despite his certainty that he would ascend in the Nov.28 time frame, nothing happened, and he decided he needed to take some time off to re-assess his world view. Or perhaps "life happened" and he has to deal with ordinary human issues having nothing to do with ascension.

The novel "The Transmigration of Timothy Archer" keeps coming to mind, but I'm pushing that thought away.