Thursday, January 2, 2014

The EVENT Puzzle - RTS & Sophia Love

The EVENT Puzzle

Sophia is seriously on a roll right now- along with several other brilliant writers/bloggers who've been putting out some amazing articles in the past few weeks.

"This event will happen when all pieces of the puzzle are inserted....
....There is no way to know just when the final puzzle piece will drop into place."

So many have gone through this journey looking for the biggest answer of "WHEN?".  We have read old prophecies,  looked at the stars for answers within their alignments, listened to hour after hour of radio shows talking about the subject, read countless pages of channeled messages, visions, scientific calculations...... and yet, there has been no one with the correct answer.

That is because there IS no kNOWing  of "when" the  Great EVENT will take place.  We can watch as the events leading up to the EVENT unfold, we can see, hear, feel the energetic changes that are taking place (faster and stronger almost daily it seems now), we can listen to our own inner voices of resonance and our own "dreams" and visions of what is happening around us.... But the truth and real answer is that literally NO ONE kNOWs when the EVENT will happen.

- not the "divines"
- not the "Ascended Masters"
- not the Galactics
- not the channelers nor the psychics nor the prophets nor the numerologists, nor the astrologists, nor the astronomers, nor the scientists, nor the historians, nor the cabalists, nor the priests....

I believe that not even Source kNOWs the "day nor the hour".....

This is an order of events that we are experiencing- it has nothing to do with "time". We are in the middle of the EVENT RIGHT NOW!!! All the events we are seeing and feeling are all Part of it!  When the last piece of the puzzle is in place, .... then the Grand FINAL EVENT will happen.

... we can feel it coming, oh man can we ever feel it coming!

love D

The Event Puzzle

There is not a thing to do, there are many things, collective things, in unison, that are necessary to initiate and push forward massive change for humanity. This event we are all anticipating is a moment, a “reward”, a great and powerful shift within – a return, not to innocence, but to truth.

In fact it is very much a reality; a magnificent moment in which each aspect of creation will understand, comprehend, appreciate and participate in life as they intended to before their emergence onto the physical plane. It is such a grand moment, that we cannot avoid the energy of it. It is simultaneously felt and created by One – which includes every part of life.

This event will happen when all pieces of the puzzle are inserted. As we all know major change cannot be planned. There is a moment when you physically move out of your home of origin and another moment altogether when you emotionally separate.

The event is much the same. We are feeling, sensing, anticipating, and even wishing for something that cannot be predicted. There is no way to know just when the final puzzle piece will drop into place. We can only set ourselves up emotionally and physically, and remain aware.

Also, keep putting every stray piece back where it belongs. Relentlessly, consistently, piece the puzzle together. We’ll all know when it is complete – the whole fabric of what we are looking at will alter – it will become One.

It will be the thing we’ve been seeing in our minds eye all along, while we were focusing on finding that one piece necessary for completion.

Blessings and love for this New year – 2014. This post was written earlier today. Just now this message was received, another piece of the puzzle: Click here.

I love you. You are the One you’ve been waiting for.