Wednesday, January 29, 2014



It is my objective that these articles are intended for those of us that are aware so that we can continue to make more people aware. Spread far and wide to those you may see as unaware of things that are going on and may your Journey be a blessed one!

The next time you want to relax and take a load off, go outside and sit in a lawn chair or what not and just watch the skies!!!!

This is about you and all of us, our health and well being!

I was quite surprised to find how quick lot's of people are to shoot down the notion of Weather Modification and Chemicals in our skies, water and food. This time I will focus on Weather Modification. I say Weather Modification because at the moment you can find official Government documents all over the internet stating what Weather Modification is. Then some call this Geo-Engineering. It’s rather sad that people disregard this type of information. I mean if someone was playing Tic-Tac-Toe in the skies above you, I would think you would want to know why; and what it is that they are playing with.

Yet again people are all too quick to “be-LIE-ve” the notion that the people in power claim to have our best interest at heart, and our well being. Of course to get “THEIR” point across they present you with some sort of false idea to fear, so then you in turn trust their idea to FIX it. Then we let them loose without asking or questioning a thing, just a false belief and sense of safety generated from fear. I am sorry but, I am a mother and I am definitely not going to trust anyone else to make sure my child and their future is secure. That is our job and we have foolishly left this job up to other’s who wave around fancy degrees, badges or titles; of course because they know best for “YOUR” children, right! That is kind of like the CEO of the FDA dropping on by your house and telling you to go have a night out. They are there to babysit your kids for you. Keep in mind you have never met this person nor do you know them. Are you okay with having them watch your children just because they have a fancy title?

It takes a lot more to spread awareness to people then to just sit back and write an article. You have to hope that most will actually read it, and take what it says in curiosity, than actually look into it. So today I am focusing on something that all aware people are most definitely aware of. Let’s just say to those who might not have got the message, I hope you take these words with seriousness and begin to see what’s happening all around us.

If you are between the ages of 0-30 you probably haven’t even noticed anything going on in the skies above us. The Weather Modification program, if that is what they are doing with it; was started a tad more than 20 years ago. Most of us were kids then and really were not paying attention to the skies. We were too busy with playing soccer, with our friends, G.I. Joes and or Barbie dolls. Our parents were too busy trying to raise their families and make ends meet so most of them were not paying attention either, when it all started. Lot's in the older generations have seemed to just go on about their lives and ignore it or just are not even aware it's there.