Monday, January 20, 2014

Tolec Update - January 19, 2014

Unfortunately the audio of this video is in Romanian - however, it has English subtitles.
Interesting none the less!

Through contact with Sirians the presenter explores the two different explanations of Comet ISON by Cobra and TOLEC and explains who is more correct. It also explains what role ISON has to play in the Event and what the Event is and how it will affect us.


Tolec Response to The Above Video

01.19.14 Thank you, all of you, all across the globe for your support.

However, regarding the alleged contact by a Romanian man with an alleged Sirian starship named "Anesh" regarding the biosphere Xanterexx ["comet Ison"] -

a.) I doubt the validity of this contact & this account. Certainly if it was real - it was not with any recognized delegation of the Sirius A star system, a senior member of the Andromeda Council;

which provides the likelihood it was produced by a party possibly in contact with the Sirius B star system... and explains the video's perspective, its own story line, and certainly with an effort on its own self promotion... serving its own self interests. Which it has a right to like anyone else... as long as it does not intend to harm others. However;

b.) that this party inaccurately reported in its video that I did not provide any extensive details, that my own report lacked specific details about the biosphere Xanterexx ["comet Ison"] & its purpose coming to planet Earth; that my report [other than identifying comet Ison as an extraterrestrial starship] is deficient because of an extensive lack of details, because of certain flaws in me & my own lack of spiritual development... that I embellish or fill in the gaps as I see fit...

that they badly misquoted me, seemingly without doing thier own research, and did not include any cites or any of the extensive details found in my own video on this topic [now viewed by at least - 111,355 people - across the planet]: "Tolec Speaks about Comet Ison - Xanterexx biosphere" -

is not only absurd, it is spurious & capricious, it is amateur & insulting to the most basic common sense thinking... and human intellect.

It is at minimum a partial effort. And worse, it lacks integrity and seeks to subvert, discredit & dismiss the extensive work effort & details provided by the noble, intelligent & dedicated people who are executive, senior management members of the Andromeda Council... who continually give of their knowledge... to keep the people of Earth informed.

That the parties responsible for producing the 'Romanian' video would release a product that based on its production values - would seek to devalue others - in order to promote their own perspective & notoriety;

that they would do so in this manner - is unconscionable.

Therefore, only deserves this one formal response from me.


You are all certainly welcome to your own assessment & opinion on this topic. Absolutely.

Wodakote. Peace, calm & serenity to you all across the globe during this amazing time of change.