Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Update From M.T. Keshe - January 7, 2014

We are asked about how you as ordinary people and scientists can help with the 2014 agenda of the Keshe Foundation for its first month of this year with Fukushima, and what we are going to do to change the situation?

In this case, we simply are trying to live-up to the ethos of the world peace treaty of the Keshe Foundation, then all the works of all of us will lead to one point, and that is to serve the humanity at this moment of need.

We have made Fukushima our prime work, not just to look as we are doing something, but because if we do not intervene now and help, then the humanity as a whole will come to total despair very soon.

The situation with this accident can mean and is the end of the world and of this civilization of the men as we know it on this planet, of course for those whom understand and understood the gravity of what has happened.

Dinosaurs were wiped-out through a small fallout from the space, the humanity will go through a change of the same magnitude with this disaster and the fallout of the Fukushima and what is pending with it's mishandling.

I will explain this in detail in the interview planed for this week.

Not only most of people have not understood the gravity of the situation, even the governments, which understood what is about to happen are walking with their head in their hands that what are they going to do with the human fallouts of this disaster.

Due to massive contaminated materials released, is getting released, and finally will be released; which these are thousands of tones of radioactive materials and contaminated-water, the human race and its society will come this year or the next to a junction of making decisions of; who and how many millions of our fellow men we need to help; and secondly where we have to accommodate so many millions of people from Japan, China and North America.

The refuge crises created in the Second World War and all the wars since then will be like a speck of dust with what is to come with movement of humans from these areas in the coming years, if the situation is not solved rapidly.

If one understands the maneuvers, which getting announce daily in the news, by different governments, to position themselves, to be able to do something to save their nations from the eventual border crossings and human fallouts of this disaster, then one understands the real pending disaster which is to follow the mankind.

My message to the world leaders of the major economical countries is simple, you have taken your eyes off the ball with greed to create wealth for your companies through initiating wars in different countries, by creating different false crises in the past ten years, and now the tsunami of Fukushima disaster is catching up with your nations and you need to change your ways to use the tools of wars to tools of peace to guaranty your position as world leaders.

With this disaster, not only there will be nothing and no where to hide from soon, but also the life of you and your offspring’s as world leaders is in the same disaster condition as the rest of the world population now.

I challenge the world leaders to a meeting in Tokyo this month. They usually organize urgent meetings for their financial interest crises in all places of disaster around the world, and now Fukushima is the biggest financial crises, which needs your time and attention.

If world leaders thing that Fukushima is safe then let us all meet in Tokyo in the coming month with all our families.

I promise all that; Non-will attend such a meeting, as they all know the gravity of the danger for them and their family’s health.

Humanity today is facing crises that they have no tools for and which evolution would solve this mess over millions of years with this accident.

We offer our full support to the people and the government of Japan, and we open all our resources, which we have scientifically in our possession to them to use these new technologies at this moment to help them with this current situation with Fukushima.

The knowledge of creation at the Keshe Foundation is beyond the understanding of the man at the present, but when the need be, we will release it to curtail the man's suffering.

With the agenda we have set for 2014, we see that the man will use this opportunity of this disaster to learn once more that there is more to life than fighting and the human race becomes united to save a nation and then through its success he learns how to save their own race without the need for making tools of war.

If our plan of action is not followed we see then; that our spaceship program will become the boat which Noah built, and the same story shall repeat itself, but in space and not on this planet, and not for world leaders, but for the ordinary men, whom can bring the peace with them as they have learned from all the wars on this planet that there is no more room in space for the life of greed.

This is not a joke, but the reality of what is pending, if we collectively as people, scientists and governments do not work and bring our resources together, irrespective of our nationality and race, to stop the damage caused and to be caused with this accident.

Our advise to governments, which are busy building and promoting factories to make the latest tools of killing machine under the cover of the defence and as their leaders make special trips to sell arms to guaranty jobs for these factories and for their owners profit under the banner of shareholders; is for these leaders to start planning to change the use of these factories to produce homes and shelter and facilities to move millions of people in the eventuality of needing to evacuate over 250 million people in Korean peninsula, Japan, China and North America.

We have been asking the world leaders to sign in to the world peace treaty, but as the car factories were changed to make arms for fighting in the Second World War and other wars, now the humanity will be forced to change the use of arm manufacturing factories to factories for building tools and systems to help with this magnitude of moving and looking after so many Fukushima fallout’s refuges.

You might thing this is not going to happen, but governments are already planning for massive movement of hundreds of thousands and you hear about it everyday in the news bulletins, but do not understand the reason behind a number of these activities and announcements, which are getting on the airways one after another in the North and East Asia.

With our technology, we can build a temporary bridge to assist, but the total help needs the work of all the governments around the world.

This accident will unify the man as one, but unfortunately, it will be too late to change the course of the situation with the Fukushima plant and the nation of Japan.

The same as we needed to establish a new nation to accommodate some tribes after the last war, now we have to plan to build a new state of Japan outside the East Asia.

The situation is too bad to explain, and the officials in Japan and US and China are fully aware of what needs to be done.

We needed to bring the spaceship program forward to be able to help with the final evacuation of a nation in a rapid way, we need the military factories to be able to build the systems needed for such a eventuality and this by itself puts an end to the war making machine systems which the man has been use to.

I called this change of the use of factories and the more profitable business for these nations in my recent talk and called it the Fukushima dividend, as we had peace dividend with collapse of the Eastern block in late eighties.

Now one should understand, why we have taken such an approach to 2014 and laid out our plans of action as everything will happen in the sequence as we have stated and we have setout our program that our systems to be ready for their use as the time for each action is needed.