Monday, February 17, 2014

Benjamin Fulford Update- February 17, 2014

Secretary of Skull and Bones Kerry’s begging bowl half-filled after China pays, Indonesia nays.

The United States of America Corporation has managed to stave off bankruptcy once again last week after Secretary of Skull and Bones John Kerry showed up in China with begging bowl in hand last week and got a donation, according to Chinese government sources. The money came with many strings attached, notably getting the US to jerk Japanese slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s chain

and accept the reunification of the Korean peninsula, the sources said. The reunification of Korea story, something the Zionist slave press tried to ignore, can be seen here on the official North Korean news site:
However, Kerry’s efforts to get gold from Indonesia to support the Federal Reserve Board and his Fuehrer George Bush Sr. were rebuffed prompting Kerry to make veiled threats to unleash weather warfare: “in a sense climate change can now be considered another weapon of mass destruction, perhaps even the world’s most fearsome weapon,” after Indonesia’s president refused to meet him.

He also threatened other countries by saying: “Just one meter is enough to put half of Jakarta under water. Just one meter would displace hundreds of millions of people worldwide and threaten billions in economic activity,” Kerry said.;_ylt=AwrSyCOE5gBTVEEAaffQtDMD

These sorts of veiled threats are a sign of desperation, not strength because events around the world are no longer going according to the Zionist/Nazi agenda and their fascist new world order is collapsing.

The suspicious death last week of yet another JP Morgan IT specialist, the 37 year old Ryan Henry Crane, was linked to Kerry’s gold begging mission in Indonesia, according to CIA and other sources. The dying beast that is JP Morgan has to make

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Question from reader:
Feb 17th 2014, 14:36, by Benjamin Fulford 
It’s way too late for Obama to be “the real deal” – in the same breath you intimate that he is arranging world government with Frankie the Pope guy wtf? Actually last nite I listened to an audio that describes how Frankie, his predecessor Benny and Elizabeth Windsor are all in trouble on a common theme i.e. pedophilia and satanic ritual sacrifice. International criminal courts in hot pursuit in Brussels. That’s why Benny doesn’t travel anywhere – avoiding being arrested. Ben, isn’t anyone passing this info on to you?

Also, this week’s issue seems to read that Pope Frankie is the team captain and calling the shots; i.e. summoning Obama, Q.E., Putin etc. to the Vatican. It’s like the boss wants to see you in his office, one at a time!! What is your view on this?

Also, your articles seem to get a little confusing at times as we try to sort out who the antagonists and protaganists are (who’s against who). How many “teams” are there, etc? The only white hats it seems are the WDS. Can you comment?


Thanks for your efforts Ben.

Thanks for the tough questions. First of all, please understand that when I am reporting, I repeat what other people tell me and that does not necessarily reflect my own views.

The other thing to realize is that the White Dragon Society has to deal with who is actually in power, not with who they wish was in power. A forensic investigation led to the conclusion that the G7 countries are controlled by a hidden group of people who are above the politicians you see on the TV or in the propaganda press. Here is a pretty good list of who they are:

Tony John Abbott
Shinzo Abe
Richard Argentier
Richard Armitage
Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri
Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis)
Joe Robinette Biden
Bandar bin Sultan
Anthony Charles Lynton (Tony) Blair
William Broeksmit
Giancarlo Bruno
David William Donald Cameron
Jean Cohen
Abraham Cooper
Daniele Dal Bosco
Giuseppe Di Antonio
Marco Di Mauro
Mario Draghi
Michael Dueker
Timothy Geithner
Michael Green
Richard Nathan Haass
Stephen Joseph Harper
Tsugu Akihito Heisei
Jeremy Heywood
François Gérard Georges Nicolas Hollande
Ban Ki-moon
Heinz (Henry) Alfred Kissinger
Haruhiko Kuroda
Jacob Joseph Lew
Gabriel Magee
Vincenzo Mazzara
Angela Dorothea Merkel (Kasner)
Richard Bowman Myers
John David Podesta
Jay Rockefeller
James Meyer Sassoon
John Scarlett
Jang Song-thaek
George Soros
Janet Louise Yellen
Zhou Yongkang
Leo Zagami

The empirical fact is that Obama is the front man for these people who have been blocking the new financial system.

It is also true that the people named in the list above, some of whom I contact on a regular basis, are not all on the same page now and some of them are trying to help.

My view is that Pope Francis is trying to arrange a peaceful transition to a new financial system. However, a lot of us are running out of patience and action has begun to force these people to step aside.

I know about the tribunal in Brussels and wish them all the best in bringing the pedophile Satan worshipping predators to justice.

Finally, as far as what factions are out there is concerned, I believe we are now in the middle of a confusing situation where many groups are vying for power. However, if you blur the focus a bit you will find the Dragon Family, the gnostic Illuminati and the WDS on one side and the Satan worshipping cabalists on the other. The cabalists still de facto control the Federal Reserve Board, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan. However, they are rapidly losing their ability to manipulate the people of the countries they control. That is especially true among people in the military and the agencies. In other words, they are running out of goons. That is why they are so scared now despite still being in control for the time being.

The people in that list are high priority targets.