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Canauzzie Update - February 9, 2014

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 No Free Lunch | many Dinarians will go hungry

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  • Gurus – or Clowns misleading and defrauding the Public?
  • What is truth? 

One World of Nations
9 February 2014

Our readers matter, so does truth and their sanity. So our first task, acting for the readers, was to assess if Blogs got it right over the last year. Sadly few who we reviewed did. As the only source of credible news is the Internet nowadays, Custodial Care of this valuable media is so important. But this alternative media is still so embryonic. An open forum platform free for feckless Dinar Gurus, or Fantasy Foundations, offering non-existent instant mega bucks gratification, through to the lower order of the Fund grabbing bottom feeder Grunts.

Some are found hiding among genuine Born Again Bible Belt and some less than credible Redefining God believers, who then seek to eulogize contempt for others not of their Genre. Really, he lost God? One such amusing self-propagating Wonder Mutt was not able to meet his $3K medical bill, having first ensured he had his medical treatment, then advertises it. A simple man, or simply stupid? But always with their donations link. Opinionated numbskulls. His last God clearly didn’t want him? Another Chump Alley Pundit gets a God bothering Blog with his hand out. The Irish expression Gobshite has its place.

We have watched 4 years of Dinar Guru Hopium of tomorrow, it’s always coming. As they seem to succeed and excel in nothing, we must surmise Hand Jobs are their last resort. So many of them?

It does nothing to help stabilize dialog in Reno with genuine, but frustrated, parties beyond stressed seeking a solution from a bankrupt Fed/Treasury system. They deserve their break.

So let’s look at reality, and what is the truth, as way too many blogs have focused like incestuous locusts on the poor Dinarians or Galactic arrivals, which never do. Mind numbing. Most are just attention seeking, bottom feeding, lobotomized Wannabees with the Fiscal intellect of Neanderthals. Sites seem to be grouping the lost and desperate as camp followers seeking redemption and vast, unearned and all too often undeserving wealth, akin to Muhammad Ali’s tactics of Rope a Dope. Do NOT waste your money on their Premium Rate Conference and Call Lines. It’s a SCAM, taking your hard earned money! Truth is out there, if you can handle it. Know when to hold, or fold, your hands and when to walk away. 

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