Friday, February 7, 2014

Project Camelot Intel Update - The Dinar Saga

Lately as all those who invested in and follow the dinar saga know, things seemed to be 'heating up'.

The so-called dinar sites and self-appointed financial gurus were hitting the airwaves stating after 2 or is it 3 years of waiting the Dinar was finally set for a worldwide revaluation.  So they say.

What has happened, according to research and consultation with a few sources is that the upper echelon (the already super wealthy, cabal insiders and illuminati rank and file --upper tier) it was said, have been going into banks and coming out with... SKR's or Safe Keeping Receipts.

They haven't been "cashing in" as some claimed.  But it may actually be at least as good or even better depending on the deal they cut with the Bank involved.

What Is A Safekeeping Receipt

Safekeeping is where an asset owner elects to place that asset in the care of an Agent (in custody with a fiduciary), usually a Bank or a Financial Institution and receives an acknowledgement from the caretaker / fiduciary as to their “Safekeeping” of that asset. The asset owner may elect to have such an acknowledgement sent to a third party. A fee may be required for these services.

The various assets that can be held in such arrangements range from: Shares, Bonds, Real Estate, Titles to properties, Precious Metals, Oil and Natural Reserves, among others.

The owner of a SKR may monetize this instrument much like a SBLC, Bond or BG and use these funds as an alternative funding source or as a Proof of Funds (POF). Our SKR’s are issued with an ISIN/SEDOL code and can be verified in the London Stock Exchange – SEDOL screen as well as having the capability of SWIFT Transfers.

The very rich and insider crowd has, according to certain well known pundits, extended to Congressmen and women of the gold old or not so good, USA.  So where does that leave "the people" you may ask.

This is the thing.  According to evidence from a very solid source people in the upper echelons of the US government such as "O" and Bush and the usual suspects, were getting SKR's as far back as over a year ago and were filmed doing so....

Given that according to the above definition, it appears the SKR can be used as a form of legal tender, if I understand the jargon correctly and then invested into CTP -- COLLATERAL TRADING PROGRAMS.. or other high risk investments that may yield huge returns.  And then you have money making money on money.  The CTP have a minimum investment of $100 million and require only one person (not a group) to be the sole investor.  Supposedly yielding returns of around 150% for 18 months.  After a certain amount of time elapses the investor often gets swindled of the rest of their returns and loses their initial investment.  They have no legal recourse because CTP are said to be illegal and also supposedly "do not exist".  A great cover for anything from UFOs to CTPs, I might add.  Ask Ed Falcone or Leo Wanta who I believe both lost money on such a program.  According to one important source these programs not only exist but they are one of the primary ways money flows from topside governments and countries into the coffers of the Secret Government and then into the Black Projects and Secret Space Program.

Back to the dinar reval.  As it happens, according again to the internet chatter, there is now a list of Congress people who have their Swiss Bank Accounts listed as among those who have received SKR's and they are now being "embarassed" (although I confess I find this hard to believe)... to find out that they are profiting from this little banking arrangement in advance of any worldwide Dinar reval at the expense of "the people".

One particular well known dinar spokesperson is threatening to release that list (provided to him one guesses by a portion of the Chinese who are not happy with how things are going on the dinar front one assumes)...

He believes he has the people behind him from around the world who are sitting around waiting for the dinar to revalue while mortgaging their houses etc.   How many are among those numbers is not at this time known.  It could even reach the mainstream news.  Maybe.

At any rate, if our evaluation of the SKR banking arrangements is correct, this would indicate that those holding the reigns of the revaluation (presumably the US Treasury under direction of the Bush Cabal also known as the Pegasus group by some), are in NO RUSH to allow the reval to happen.
If pressured, by the mainstream press, it comes to mind, that they may release this reval sooner rather than later only if they feel they need to misdirect the eyes of the public from this inequity by releasing it for a few pennies over the current rate or maybe a dollar at most... just to 'buy off' the discontented masses.  One scenario worth considering.

Tonight I will be interviewing Gene "Chip" Tatum who has worked with the Bush Cabal in the early days of its formation.  See my previous article for more details about tonights Livestream interview.

Tune in 6pm PT/ 9pm EST to listen live and ask questions.