Saturday, February 15, 2014




Oh the day has arrived!!!

People around the world are celebrating LOVE! For some it’s a beautiful day and for others it can be quite depressing. We’ve all been taught and programmed from mainstream society influences that Valentine’s Day is the day you celebrate that special someone in your life. This special someone is usually your Spouse/Boy-Girlfriend/partner/lover and so on; to celebrate your love for them. People are running about buying up flowers by the billions, cards, balloons, jewelry and what not. Some are having romantic nights out and whatever else floats their boat.

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So if you have never looked up where Valentine’s Day originated from you can get several stories. The official Wikipedia story you can read by clicking the photo below.
I find it interesting that this Holiday is celebrated based on a Christian Saint. Yet we are celebrating it as a day of honoring our love for our special someone. Not that that is bad in any way.

The thing that I find troubling about this day is the psychological programming it does to most people’s minds, especially young girls. In today’s world we have a society based on material possessions and showing people you love them by buying gifts. Sometimes it’s easier for men to do so, as they have been taught to not show emotions; and keep it all stuffed up inside. So having a specific day to express this emotion makes it easier for those holding it within. Buying gifts is a wonderful thing and it’s the thought that counts, right? I have always been curious as to why we would have “ONE” specific day to celebrate love.

Why is love not celebrated daily?

To me it seems odd we would all be focused around a specific day to celebrate this, as love is in our lives every day, in so many ways. I remember a few years ago telling my husband I did not like flowers. I forgot to tell him the reason why as I never really sat back and thought about it. I love flower’s and I always said get me one’s I can plant or fake ones. Then one day I read this:

It then hit me, the reason why I never liked getting flowers that were arranged and cut up. After about 3 or 4 day’s they start to wither away. The same goes with Valentine’s Day and most people’s attitude along with it. We celebrate that love, buy our gifts, go out, enjoy your time with your special someone. Focusing all our love on others. When it’s over, it’s off to the grind with your daily activities. All the hype of Valentine’s Day is over for another year before you have to stress about what to do for your special someone again. Kind of like, “Okay I did my duty!” as if it’s something you HAVE to do instead of something you WANT to do; and no more worries about getting it right till next year.

More of us need to celebrate love everyday. It can be celebrated in so many ways. Random acts of kindness can bring love and appreciation into others lives in so many ways.

We tend to forget to think with our hearts while we strut around in a state of worry. What are we worrying for? Normally when we worry it’s about that which has not happened yet, or something that is out of our control. It can remove you from your place of center. When we’re in our place of center magical things occur. We can make decisions that are healthy for our lives and the lives of others. Our lives just run smoother. No matter what obstacles come our way we just sail through them. Mostly because we remember that LIFE itself is LOVE and creation is the extension of that. When we look into the mirror's of ourselves we begin to see we are a part of that which is, “CREATION ITSELF”!
In our many worries of the day we forget to stop and appreciate the one person we should appreciate the most. When we extend the Gratitude of Love to ourselves we begin to see that which we project start to flow outward, into our world before us. We are creation within creation, creating ever day what is to be infinite. We are “LIFE”! We need to honor that in ourselves and all things around us. After all we are an extension of Source, and with each extension comes experience.
There are so many things in our own lives that we choose to do that takes us out of that space of “GRACE”! We can choose to let those things keep us uncentered, or we can let them go as they no longer serve us. It’s not always that easy to do, but the more we practice this the easier it becomes.

There are those that do not treasure life itself. With all things there is cause and effect. Actions that one takes upon another has it’s own cause and effect upon the person acting. If you send out lower vibrational thoughts and actions to others you get those in return. It’s all centered around intention and thought. So if I wanted to control the world I would make sure I would control the illusion first. I would own all the things that project upon you what you learn, and how you will behave. I would tell you what is right and wrong so that you no longer look within to just KNOW these things. I would make sure you became week and had to ask another for permission, or depend upon my system. I would take away all that which you knew as SELF in the spiritual sense. I would make you all believe you are separate and different from one another by using such means as: Race, Borders, Stigmatism, Fear, Hate, Rage, Anger. I would project upon you what perfect should look like so you never know that you are already an imperfect perfection. These things I would do through those places in which I hold power. What you read, learn, watch and hear. I would slowly brainwash you into believing my way. Make you believe in the false sense of freedom while never knowing you were imprisoned. It would be the ultimate take over as I would steal ones Conscious Mind!

Yes it’s being done daily, second by second. It’s not just what’s in our media, it’s what’s in our schools, jobs and religions. We grow up telling our children someone else's version of right or wrong, someone else's version of the way things should be. Instill fear upon them to act properly in the system we so trusted that we ourselves did not engineer. We don’t sit back and question that which is. It’s disturbing to say the least. We have lost our Heart’s in today’s world. We have become numb to the constant programming and most don’t even see it happening. Most think it just can’t be. They will ignore it or get curious and start to ask, “Can it be true?”. Once they get to that point where they are willing to actually look into it, you can no longer deny it. Free your mind and step out of the matrix you are controlled in.
There are many things you can find on YouTube that speak of this technique that is currently in place. If you pay close attention you will see your children imitate that which they see and hear. The last time I watched any good programming on the tely was many, many years ago. I stopped watched TV a couple years ago myself. Since then a whole new world has opened up for me. This doesn’t mean that those things are not still going on. They are and must be stopped. In order to stop them though one must know it exist in the first place. Only then can we come together as a collective Consciousness and take back the power of our creation. When we bring ourselves back to that center point that some call Zero Point. I believe that when enough of the Collective Consciousness raises themselves to that level, the things that will happen to expose that which is, will start to increase in speed until it implodes itself. Again all things balance themselves out eventually. You can only keep something in a cage until it either withers away or frees itself.

So back to those flowers!
You and all life is meant to Thrive and flourish by nature! I would much rather let those flowers be free and take their Natural course, then to cut them up throw them in water and watch then slowly die. I would rather see them create beauty every season they bloom, then to be destroying life itself. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying sit in the lotus position and project Love and Light all day and do nothing but that. It goes much deeper then this. If one thinks it is enough being in Love and Light merely giving lip service, the disappointment will eventually come. It’s so important that we live this life as well. We live in Honor of Life, in Honor of Love, in Honor of Honor itself. If you look upon what is being projected it’s a life of worry. Worry about war, who’s fighting with who, paying your bills, new fraudulent laws being put in place making things harder on you, raising taxes, pollution, power plants leaking, server weather, work, work, work and never get     ahead. It’s designed to keep you in a lower state of existance and thinking. It’s designed to keep you down in the slumps. When your down your easier to control and manipulate.

So rise up!

The thing is if they are controlling your mind and thoughts they are also controlling your perception and reality. So let’s take back our minds, take back our power, and Empower each other. All that exist is Energy and is intricately connected in deeper ways.

So why do we let ourselves get so wound up to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day?

Most likely because we have been trained that this is the day we show love. As kids we were passing out Valentine’s in school, eating our sweet treats or crying in the corner because no one bought us a candy gram in school. Instead of worrying so much about celebrating these things on this ONE day. Let’s do it everyday. Let’s be Valentine’s Day and express it as much as we can. Practice being love and spreading it around the world. Come together in Union for the better of all. That in itself is expressing love. There are so many ways to express this and we should be looking for those ways to do so in all moments of NOW! I don’t need anyone telling me there is a special day I must run out and buy things that end up dead, eaten, or thrown into the back of a closet two years later, to enjoy and celebrate that which I cherish!

When we do this and awaken to all that is we will have changed our reality! So let’s bring it about. As we watch the changing tides in the system today, and see more and more people stepping down, suicides and what not; it can appear to be chaos. This in itself is the releasing of the causes of these problems. All change is imminent as we are changing on a moment by moment basis. So let’s do this together because, WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! Let’s bring the Valentine’s Quest to the forefront and be our Light!
So let’s be that which we want both inward and outward! Let’s reflect the meaning of Valentine’s day towards others at all times. Let’s no longer let others tell us how we should feel and think. We already know within what truly is needed to lift Humanity to further move into the age of Peace on Earth and Happiness for all. No longer give them power, EMPOWER YOU!! On this day as you extend your love to those you hold onto don’t forget to extend that love to yourself. Give yourself a Valentine’s and see the beauty in which you hold! The love you have for you is the most important relationship you can have.