Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Canauzzie Update - March 12, 2014

The Battle for the Survival of Humanity Against the Bankers and Cabal - Bush, Jesuits / Vatican, Zionists and the Military Industrial Complex

  • Beware of false Messiahs!

  • Now we see Light in the hands of Good Men

  • Let the fight back begin, after all, it’s only the planet we are fighting for

One World of Nations
11 March 2014

It’s Man and Humanity versus the Soulless Beasts of Banking. Slowly it starts as Americans and the World need to be released from the Illegal and unethical Laws of Tyranny imposed by the Bankers and the ruthless, Soulless Global Military Industrial Cabal. Our case is not against America, or Americans, but focuses on the Military Industrial Cabal, the Bankers chicanery, and Israeli duplicity, whose combined greed are taking this world ever closer to a nuclear holocaust which will extinguish all life as we know it. Vast innocent Americans are losing ever greater liberties as this Juggernaut of evil continues unchecked.

The Cabal and Vatican co-conspirators are frightened in case you get enlightened. Knowledge is Power. Truth empowers you for what is coming!

This report will show what can be done for many over time to help you recover America and many human lives. But also our so fragile beautiful world. Restoration of the True American Dream is no bad thing. Doing nothing is!

Commeth the hour, Commeth the Good Men. There is hope and a truly great site emerging with so many able and willing people uniting to win.

There have been 3 sources of key wealth for the Elites worldwide.

1. Taxes, which have been ineptly sequestrated and abused.

2. Iniquitous Banking systems which are riddled with Chicanery and manipulative Fraud.

3. Control of key, essential resources such as Energy, Food, Minerals and Water.

Military power enabled Rogue Regimes to enforce their Global Hegemony. As we witness today and has been with each Empire. But, all Empires end. Badly! As is Americas visibly. Funding 1,800 further murdering Blackwater Contractor scumbags to fly to Ukraine, in addition to all their sewer rat’s exterminating the masses in the Middle East and Afghanistan, while reneging of their debts to Allies and trusting Investors, all now treacherously betrayed, will end badly. Shame on you Blackwater mercenaries. They will burn in purgatory alongside the Zionist parasites. Hatred lasts and memories are long. Both Eisenhower and Kennedy foresaw the impending down side of the Military Industrial Cabal and the perception of the end of humanity, or America if not curtailed. Agency malpractice is visible everywhere.

With an increasingly unstable world unfolding, the consequences now is that smart money is on the move as Chinese exports plummet and the hooks unravel. No money, no honey which these Cabal Whores and the Vatican need to survive. The Microscope is focusing also on the Jesuits and Israeli thuggery.

People have now had enough of their games and duplicitous chicanery and are bypassing them.

By a creative use of a labyrinth of Offshore Tax Havens most hard working Real Wealth Creators, Business Owners who are mass Job Creators (Not Bankers!), increasingly and skilfully avoid the pernicious and wasteful over greedy Tax Regimes, leaving only the Wage Slaves to carry the real burden. Consequentially economies are stifled and societies now fail to evolve. Social injustice becomes an endemic price for most to pay. A vicious circle of multi-dimensional costs and consequences. Society needs a rethink. Fiat money is running down as a model. It’s broken down!

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