Tuesday, March 18, 2014

David Wilcock Update - March 18, 2014

There is some very big stuff that Ben is missing here, and that’s part of why the next thing I will be posting is a book, not an article. My notes from November 1st to the present, just the list of links I copied from the net, is 360 pages long. I whittled that down to 207 pages of the best stuff.

I would have to disagree with him on SDRs as well. This is a way for the BRICS nations to be treated much more fairly and is definitely not the “same old same old.” What we are seeing now is a vicious insider war in its final stages as the Cabal is about out of time and is being forced to sign and accept this deal.

My dreams are corresponding very nicely with the real-world data. I think we can expect some very stunning events this year. I had a dream about the Cabal living in a house that was about to collapse, and right as the house was about to start collapsing in the dream, I awoke to the whole room shaking — it was 6:30 AM and the LA 4.4 earthquake. Very powerful.

- David