Monday, March 10, 2014

Global Currency Reset - EXO's INTEL UPDATE - March 10, 2014

Direct Intel 12:14 PM EST

Per multiple conversations $3.71 (IQD) number is visible at T1 & T2 banking levels as it ties to the bonds. The first phase of the process is now in full motion and the larger bonds are now moving in conjunction with the strategic positioning of the Gold Certificates.

The bonds are positioned with CME & I.I's and they are still on alert today. The next action step will be the transition to an asset backed currency thus eliminating the Petro Dollar and the FRN's.
Next window of movement should start closer to March 15th, with the projected release of the new U.S. Treasury Notes. The Rupiah and VND have rates showing and holding. Intra Bank transactions are still taking place with SKR's here in the USA with Tier 1 Banks.

Complete exchanges are being facilitated and have been confirmed in other countries and these are not SKR's. The world is waiting on the USA to announce and release the Asset Backed (TRN's) and that will be the general public exchange. The IQD is still being leveraged into bank instruments daily via trillions in SKR's with T1 banks.

The next 7 days looks very promising.