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This recent missing plane has me and many others in a quandary. So do a lot of other things going on in the world. If I had not seen a UFO a few years ago I don’t think I would be in this realm of information I am in today. All things happen for a reason though, I fully believe this. So we have a missing plane, stores closing down all over the states and no market reaction to it, the Ukraine issues going on that might be about the oldest pyramid in the world, and no market reactions to it. Now there is talk of other places having their issues to. This seems to well engineered, to just be by chance yet at the same time who really knows.

I for one do know one thing. Things are changing as change is always happening. Creation itself changes daily otherwise we would be living one big repeated boring life, doing the same things over and over. So I was looking over all the things going on and thinking, none of this adds up. I have read some things that state that as things Shift to the higher dimensions people will start to go missing. Maybe this has something to do with the old prophecy of, “Some will stay and some will go”. Something to that affect, of course I can’t remember which one that was, possibly biblical and I believe it was the end times that were being referenced to. With the end times I don’t believe it’s the end just the end of one era and starting of a new era. It would appear that we have definitely started a new road that is leading somewhere.

So we have a plane that supposedly went down. Three days ago this passenger jet just vanished in the skies. There was no mayday calls, no nothing at all. It just went POOF!

I for one know planes don’t just disappear. The black boxes alone are built to withstand anything as well as being submerged thousands of feet deep. There is reported to be no signals coming from such a device anywhere on the planet. All they have to go on is a couple oil slicks in the ocean which we know could, or could not even be from the plane. For an entire plane with 239 people on it to just vanish is like something out of a science fiction novel. Reportedly calls to the passengers and crews cell phones are going unanswered. Five of the passengers were under the age of 5.  According to the, not so trusted mainstream media there were also passengers on board using stolen passports. Then we hear there were people working with free energy on board, then bankers. Yet here we are today speaking about this in these specific times when the planets magnetic fields are rising which has been scientifically documented; and reports from others that there are portals all over the earth activating in these times. Some say this is part of the shift, these portals and fields rising. Personally I have felt something big is going on for a long, long time now. Could this be like the Bermuda Triangle stories of missing aircraft?

You can read more about the recent plane that went missing here: http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/08/world/asia/malaysia-airlines-plane-missing/index.html

Then we have this Ukraine stuff going on. About a year and half ago the world’s oldest pyramid in the world was discovered. The “Crimean Pyramid” was reportedly built during the time of the dinosaurs. That alone would make the entire biblical stories and religious history crumble to the ground in disaster. It would also screw up the reported history of man given to us by, “Lamestream” media outlets and what is provided to the teachers to teach the children in schools. Well that sounds like a big, “Oooops” and also one that not many want out there to save face. So is this entire thing going on in the Ukraine really over a pyramid and who gets access to it or owns it? Maybe it’s full of mummified bodies of being’s that are NOT human or in the so called chain of evolution that is the screwed up Darwin model. Or as I would like to think, Putin is kicking cabal ass all over. Then we have the New Age movement speaking about a Paradigm shift or entering the 5th Dimension. It’s called ascension and the mechanics of it very depending on who you decide to follow or listen to as far as just how ascension works and what it is. So much speak about being ONE with all things and so on and so forth. There is a lot of valid information within this but in my own opinion there is also major infiltration by those that are attempting to design and bring about the New World Order.

You can read more about the pyramid here: http://qha.com.ua/world-s-oldest-pyramid-found-in-crimea-116152en.html

As well as here: http://intellihub.com/lost-alien-technology-65m-year-old-pyramids-found-crimea-reason-coming-wwiii/

From the time I can remember whenever someone put a bible in my hand or I picked it up, I always had this sense of something not being right. It was like it was burning a hole through my hands while screaming, “I AM A LIE”! Still to this day it feels the same when I hold it. Intuitively I can pick this up. It does not mean to say that all of it is a lie; just that it was written to depict a certain script in my humble opinion. Here we are today with what seems like that script playing out to a certain degree. I think the bigger question would be, “Whose script was it, and what is their end game?” If you have read anything on those that run the New World Order who want total control, you would know they are very, very, very, very, beyond very, patient. I don’t even have much patience so to think someone has the patience of thousands of years to get what they want, is just crazy. It would also behoove us to think about this. I am going to semi quote something from the bible, although not word for word; but you will get the idea. “1 day on earth is like 1000 years in heaven”.

So let’s think about that for a second. Where is heaven as opposed to earth? What exactly is heaven? Is it just a different dimension, or is it that we already have access to all these dimensions already and just don’t realize it. Does heaven even exist as in a physical place you go to? Or is it that heaven and hell is merely something we ourselves create. What if heaven as depicted in the bible is actually another dimension that does not have the same time-space continuum as we do here on earth? This place they call heaven is where those who want total control reside and looking down upon us is like watching a 1,000 year movie play out in 1 day. Would you like to know everything that is going to happen for the next 1,000 years and be able to play it out in your mind like a movie? Personally I don’t want to know everything, if I did what would be the point to creation to begin with. What if those who claim control have the ability to see things for eons to come. That is a lot of power and one that I would not want to see put into the hands of  crazy, psychotic lunatics. These are just some things that run through my crazy head though.

So we have stock markets reacting in odd ways that do not reflect what is going on in the world or has been over the past year. The economy is bad, jobs are down, inflation is up, stores are closing, housing market is going down, the world debt numbers are way up, threat of wars being started, Ukraine, historical bonds which normally are not spoke about, things being revealed in media that wouldn’t normally be, the new show Resurrection, a missing plane, UFO sightings on the climb, more people waking up, the Pope stating that all religions are true, the new show Cosmos, a failing health care plan, a president being sworn in with his hand on something that resembled a tablet and not a bible, people experiencing physical glitches in the matrix with myself included, channeled messages coming out daily, the New World Order, the New Age movement, Portals around the world being activated, people expanding their awareness, Ascension, more people being kicked out of their homes than ever before, and this list could go on forever so I will stop there. Meanwhile the stock market is showing NO SIGN of trouble. Is anyone else seeing this as strange?

I for one can say that these times are certainly interesting and crazy per say. Even the disinformationist have pieces to the puzzle considering they use a certain amount of truth mixed with lies. The hard part is figuring out what is truth and what is not. So as I sit here making my speculations on what is going on I end up surrendering to not knowing all the answers and I am totally okay with that. If I did, then this movie would be quite boring to participate in. Wouldn’t it? I for one am so ready for things to change. With all the things going on that just don’t add up, they are getting more and more interesting these days. The main point of it all is that it points to the fact that there is BIG CHANGE happening all around us. So as these changes occur it’s important that we maintain our space and awareness. It’s important that we don’t become consumed in fear because all things happen for a reason, and there is nothing at all to fear really. All fears stem from the loss of life if you think about it. If you lose the fear of death then you have nothing to fear at all. Besides I personally think there is no death at all, maybe in the physical sense, but our spirits are infinite beings.

So if this story about the plane is made up at all, it would mean it’s for a reason. After all look at who we got the story from. It’s not like “Lamestream” media can be trusted right? They have reported to many false flags and to many lies to be even half way trustable. The day I read the story for the first time my intuitive instincts kicked in. The first thing I pick up on was that no one is hurt and no lives were lost. The other thing I picked up on was a time jump or time shift. Something like, the Bermuda Triangle. So while they supposedly have their tons of boats and aircraft out there searching the waters I predict they will end up saying the plane is somewhere in the water and they were unsuccessful at locating it. They will most likely say they found a piece of it somewhere. It’s not hard to pay people to read a script these days to portray “THEIR” movie on “THEIR” media outlets. We watch them do this all the time.

Now as we sit and watch this exciting ride in these exciting times with all these chaotic things going on, one thing we can agree on is things are not adding up and things are definitely getting stranger as the days roll on. Normally the stock market would reflect potential wars, businesses shutting down all over the states, the bonds and many more things. So who is propping it up? I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some dude sitting in the back room with his fingers on a computer just changing numbers for the hell of it. In this day in age as we see more truth being revealed one at a time, we need to remain aware of those things but not focus on them. Working on our inner selves is probably more important than ever in these times. It’s so weird these interesting things going on, isn’t it? Oh, and we have the “Ides of March” upon us as well with Courtney Brown claiming a major announcement in a few days. So while trying to make sense of this all, just remember that all things happen for a reason and change is definitely upon us. Those of us who are awake and aware are here to help those that are not when the time comes, I firmly believe that! I am going to give each person who is reading these words homework, don’t worry it’s not anything like school work.

Homework:  Spend at the least 30 minutes doing something you love, just for “YOU”!

I leave you with this link. If you have ever wanted to read something that puts things in order from start to NOW, I would totally recommend you start here.


I have to warn you that there is LOTS to read. I would start at level one and work your way to the last papers he has put up. It will blow your mind, connect dots, give you some great things to research, discover new information, and just put a lot of things into perspective. As you read starting from the beginning of it remember to read it as if you are reading a story as you correlate it with all things you have learned, heard, or seen happen. It starts to make the bigger picture make more sense. I am not saying that everything he says is true or what not; just that it all makes more sense then what we have been fed. I have never read a finer piece on the history of our planet and it's people from the beginning of time to NOW, that made so much sense.

So I am off to paint my toenails and soak in a hot bath. It’s time to take all the worries away and bask in the glory of just breathing! When I am done I will make some more popcorn to watch the rest of the show as the old paradigm comes crashing down to make room for the New Paradigm. Enjoy your day and until next time, see you on the flip side!



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