Tuesday, March 4, 2014

RTS: Asteroid Mystery: Oh how it itches!!

So there I was, doing my usual evening surf around the internet, researching  for this evenings Transpicuous News article, when all of a sudden I run into this article on RT- note my highlights:


98-foot asteroid flashes between moon and Earth within 24 hours


And last week, a 400 kg meteor slammed into the moon at a speed of 36,600 mph, leaving behind a 40-meter-wide crater.

Does that ring any bells for you?  Let's jump back a few weeks ago on RTS:

Giant Meteor hit the Moon..... 6 months ago?

Sooooooooo....... apparently the "biggest meteor EVER" hit the moon....... last September.

The original report that I put out on Feb 25th already sent my inner brain bump itching with the fact that it took over 5 months for someone to report an event on the moon that should of been viewable with the naked eye (yet there were no reports of any kind anywhere that I could find)- an event that distinguished it's self  from a normal impact by the flash lasting 7 seconds longer than  it should have for a simple asteroid impact.  And now we have a passing comment in the news that there was a lunar asteroid impact "a week ago" that gives the exact same dimensions etc... as the impact that supposedly happened in September....

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