Sunday, March 9, 2014

RTS: Ukraine Distraction: LOOK OVER THERE!!!!!

Ukraine Distraction: LOOK OVER THERE!!!!!

I sat down this evening to start working on a financially based article on the Ukraine debacle to go with the political media propaganda article that I put out this morning. I was just finishing up todays Transpicous News update when I found this excellent article by Alt-Market's Brandon Smith.... and over half of my work is already done for me!!!

We've covered all of this information in previous articles about the banksters and their controllers over the past couple of years, but we are currently seeing a whole new wave of people who are just now discovering that they have been living in a paradigm of propaganda, corruption, control, exploitation and fraud, and so we need to take the time to draw the diagrams and connect the dots.  So we'll give them a boost to get to where we are today in understanding the Who What Where Why When and How.

I will revert to my older statement and response type style with this article because there are so many aspects in here that I want to comment on that to post it all separately would be a mess.  My comments in Green , highlights in blue.