Tuesday, March 4, 2014

TransformationIsComing Blog: TROLL ALERT

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For many of us with blogs, social media groups, and websites we get to deal with trolls, but only if we are spreading any type of truth to the masses while trying to change the world for the better. I have tried to figure out what type of a person would be so willing to attempt to do these things for a measly 10 bucks an hour or so. What type of a person would be willing to run around and knowingly put people down, make threats, try to discredit them, or just cause disharmony?

I would say they are people that need a lot of help. Possibly suffering from some type of internal damnation, mental illness, fear, or self hate? To get off on harming others in any way shape or form is just sick. Many of us have read or been warned that in these times of change and truth coming out, there will be many more running around trying to spread disinformation. Trying to take down as many truthers as they can or just spread misery and hate. I have noticed in several groups that most of these people can't be helped with Love or Kindness at this time. It’s like some sick twisted thinking going on in them heads of theirs.

I have watched them twist so many things around that half the time they make no sense at all. I also know that if you don’t play along with their game they end up really getting angry and it shows through them like a huge red target! You can’t miss them. I also see that so many more of us can actually intuitively just “FEEL” their horrible energy coming through the computer screen.

So how should we really deal with trolls these days?