Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dave Schmidt Update - April 16, 2014

April 16, 2014

Update from the Recent Road Trip, Conversations with the Two Private Exchanges and a Conversation About the Upcoming Change!

Two weeks ago we turned a huge corner.  I had some guests on the program that are responsible for two large private exchanges.  For those participating, NDA's are required, but I've been allowed to share some of the issues without giving inside details, etc.  In the back of our minds we've all had that question now and then, "is this RV/GCR for real, or are we just being taken for one huge gigantic ride?" 

For months I've been like you, trusting on what I was reading on the blog sites and referring to my private conversations with confidential sources.  Yet, I had never really been able to meet face to face with those involved and have those lingering questions satisfied.

In the past two weeks I was able to suffice those issues.  I have met with both of the individuals who are responsible for the private exchanges, I have seen the exclusive contracts, and I have met with one of the paymasters, an individual responsible for overseeing the disbursement of over one trillion dollars. 

When all was said and done, I came to the same conclusion with the two individuals responsible for the two exchanges:  If these folks from the Interface Teams are not real, then all of us involved in dinar land are being taken for a ride, being lied to and all of this is a scam as the skeptics have stated.  All three of us have done our due diligence independently in vetting this team and believe they are as real as can be.

For months I have been asking the question:  who's footing the bill?  Who is paying for the 100+ trillion dollars that is going to pay for the dinar and dong exchanges?  If that question cannot be answered then we are all wasting our time and this is the biggest joke and financial scheme of the millennium.  All of this RV/GCR issue comes down to those two bottom line questions.  Who's providing the trillions of dollars for the RV, and who is going to disburse those funds? 

Money does not grow on trees and bankers do not hand out billions in cash without some logistical format of distribution.  Both of those questions have been answered to my satisfaction from my hours and hours of meetings and phone conversations with these three gentlemen.

Whatever you are reading, hearing or debating on all of the other blog sites should be addressing these two questions.  If they are not willing to do so, in my book it's all just chatter and gossip.  Unless those two questions are answered, nothing else matters!  Everything else is just talk and opinion with little or nothing to back it up.

Having said that, I know I will be criticized.  Some will demand I prove my statements.  I will repeat what I've said before, my sources are confidential and I will not disclose them.

In the end, no one has forced us to purchase dinar, dong or other currencies.  No one has forced us to read these blog sites.  No one has forced us to be involved in this RV/GCR issue.

We all are choosing to be here on or own free will.  We chose to believe this is going to happen, and we chose to believe our lives are going to change for the better.  People will believe what they want to, but in the end, I am a firm believer that the truth always comes out.  Truth always wins in the end.

There are various reasons and opinions on why the delays have gone on and on.  But once we are able to exchange, all of our differences and opinions will be water under the bridge.  We will all change our focus on our new found wealth, and how we are going to change our world.

This newsletter's video discusses some of those issues.  Are we prepared for the change?  Are we ready to be responsible with our new found wealth?  As Jesus said, "To whom much is given, much is required."  Much will be required of us as we become the new leaders in changing our world for the better.  We have so much to be thankful for!

We'll be discussing these issues on the Wed. April 16th radio program. 

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