Tuesday, April 1, 2014

David Wilcock Update - April 1, 2014


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I mean I do not think the Vatican wrote the Quran. And Jesus was absolutely real. There is too much reputable evidence in favor of it. I find it quite ironic that we are still facing off against the exact same super-villain that Moses and Jesus were up against. It just migrated from Babylon to Egypt to Rome to Great Britain, etc.

Additionally, the underground bases were not cut off from the surface. They are very much still a factor. About 26 were wiped out in a period of 3-4 months beginning in August 2011, but there are roughly 250 of them, unlike Phil Schneider’s estimate of 159 from the mid-1990s.

It does appear that a treaty was signed with the positive ETs that stopped the destruction of additional bases in exchange for a full disclosure at some future date. That may be what is happening — not clear yet. Ben’s leak about Putin is very compelling and corroborates with one other insider source out there. It may also be a Cabal “saving throw” to stay relevant as this global renegotiation reaches its final phase.

And for God’s sake, dinars are not going to increase that much in value. The Bushes are selling off a bunch of them they got in the Gulf war. Buying them puts you on the “red list” so they can take you out if they ever get enough chaos to take their shot. The currencies likely to do the best will be from BRICS, or maybe Norway once their 1.5T oil fund is turned into a weighted asset.

Another important point is that the travel from base to base underground is not via trains. It is done via egg-shaped capsules with no wheels and no rails to travel on. They are NOT mag-lev. They travel via air pressure, much like how they move money around at the bank drive-in before the days of the ATM.

Now I will get back to work!

- David