Monday, April 28, 2014

Trends Gazette #20 – INVASION IMMINENT

With new full on sanctions by the USA on Russia, I am quite sure the world will see $850 palladium as I predicted in TG #1 and it will happen next week.

The Zionist led west will ask the Swiss to stop being the trade hub for Russian palladium which will cause the price spike upwards.

I predicted alone as well a month ago that Ukraine will be doing the invading of Russia and I think that will happen within the week as well.
A false claim of intrusion by the Russians means that Crimea and other Russian land will be invaded next week at the earliest.

It has been reported that the Russian SU-24 fly over of a US Aegis class destroyer in the Black Sea did disable the electronics so it was just a sitting duck. The Russians have systems to defeat the USA and vice-versa no doubt.

This could be a huge flushing out of new tech and a global shift in perceived power and actual power in the 2 rivals.

All this is being done with Femi-Nazi broads at the helm, the Nazis of our time are women.