Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Global Currency Reset by JC Collins

Changing the Architecture of the Financial World

By JC Collins

Over the last few years an urban myth of sorts has been slowly building which speaks of an imminent reset of all the worlds currencies.  It is expected that in one fell swoop the exchange rates of currencies will be adjusted with huge potential windfalls from specific currencies.
These currencies, namely the Iraqi dinar, Vietnamese dong, and a handful of other devalued currencies will reset at extreme exchange rate swings leading to riches for all who hold the currencies.

In fact, whole online communities have been built up around this myth.  These communities feed on the hopes and dreams of those who believe such things can happen. Reading these sites is like a trip down despair road where the shoulders are littered with the downtrodden and ignorant who can do nothing but dream and risk all in their pursuit of unimaginable riches.

Many times I have attempted to hint or insinuate where the source of this myth can be found.  In the SDR and New Bretton Woods series we explored the advancement of the multilateral financial system structured around the SDR of the International Monetary Fund, including the broad level of support from all countries and international institutions in the implementation of such a system.

In Part Three of that series, sub-titled The Real Global Currency Reset, we explained how the sovereign debt crisis and growing social  unrest in countries around the world will be used as a part of a Hegelian Dialectic to guide and condition the masses to accept the rise of such a financial regime.
The post titled The New Exchange Rate System explored the structure of the currency component surrounding the emergence of such a multilateral system.

Every week I receive messages from readers asking about this reset and what the new exchange rates will be.  It can be assumed that many of these questions are coming from the same mindset as those who wander the wasted plains of dinar and dong land.

In fact, some of these sites faithfully reblog the articles which I post here and many of the commenters on those sites are able to see through much of the fantasy surrounding this supposed “event”.  Yet still, for everyone which can see the unreality of get rich quick scenarios, there are thousands who do not.

But all myths have their origins based on some real world fact or situation, and the global currency reset is no different.

Throughout the history of the world financial systems have been reset, rebuilt, restructured, and redesigned untold times.  Empires and their currencies rise and fall with the crashing waves of predictable patterns, as can be seen in the mass migration of people from regions of the world as they chase the ever moving wealth of humanity.

During periods of empire transition it is likely that many different financial scenarios can play out.  The world is now well into such a period of transition.  But like geological movements the process is slow and builds towards an inescapable moment when a jarring motion takes place which forever alters the landscape.

To fully understand what such a jarring motion could look like we must first have a working knowledge on how the pressure has built up.

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