Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Beyond Hierarchy, Part 2: Returning to the natural forms of human cooperation

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Shall we go where our "leaders" are taking us, or shall we lead ourselves in a new direction?...

In order to create a more human future for ourselves, there are certain things we must forget...

> We must forget trying to change existing governments through the ballot box. That clearly doesn't work.

> We must forget trying to tweak hierarchical structures to get them to properly serve the people. That can never work.

> We must forget relinquishing our personal power to "leaders" so they can take responsibility for the direction of our lives. Just look around you and see where they have led us; we must lead ourselves.

> We must forget passively accepting governmental, economic, and social structures that have been built for us. Just look at the governments, corporations and NGOs around you and see what they are doing to us; we must create our own structures.


Will you let our current "leaders" lead you into another slavery cycle, or will you lead yourself to freedom?

Will you walk into the smiley-faced prison they are building for you, or will you build a structure that will help you live a more full life?

If you are like me and wish to see humanity embrace personal responsibility and freedom and proactively build its own future, you may be wondering how it can be done. This series, which I completed in my old blog and started to repost here in an entry called Beyond Hierarchy, Part 1: Why our current governments do not serve us, lays out a very practical way of getting there. Whether humanity can pull it off or not, I don't know. Our collective future is not in my personal control. What IS within my personal control is making my best effort to present ideas on how to free ourselves and striving to practice what I preach. Humanity will collectively decide the rest.

Returning to the natural forms of human cooperation

Beyond all the abstract social constructs of man, there is a natural reality we've lost sight of: that each of us is born with the freedom to go wherever our feet can take us and to do whatever our hands are capable of doing. This is the basis of true reality: the sovereign, free human.

In order to exercise their personal sovereignty and freedom without interfering with each other, it is also natural for humans to get together with their neighbors to discuss common problems and aspirations. This natural discussion forms the basis of the only REAL "political" unit: the community.

Since cooperation provides a more pleasing way of life than conflict, it is natural for sovereign men and women to form communities, and it is also natural for communities to reach out to each other and form broader communities. This is the natural way cooperation is established among sovereign beings. All other synthetic political constructs, which concern themselves with drawing arbitrary lines on maps and exercising forceful dominion over the beings within that defined turf, are unnatural abstractions that are imposed by bad actors through their use of guile and violence against their less-aware brethren.

The hierarchical governmental constructs in which we currently find ourselves mired are the self-serving creations of these bad actors, who started out as thugs who grew to become gangsters, then warlords, and later polished up their act to become "kings." Kings and their royal families (gangster clans) further refined their treachery by erecting phony democratic facades to mask their control.

Following this train of criminal evolution, we begin to see the ugly truth of the governments of today: while we are brainwashed to think they are democratic and have our best interests at heart, they are actually just the public relations fronts for the criminal gangs operating behind the scenes. They are the mechanisms of our oppression and exploitation. And since they are criminal and unnatural by their very design, there can be no reform of them. All current governmental forms must be abolished and replaced with the natural forms of individual sovereignty and community.

But how do we get back to the natural forms from where we are now? It is really quite simple:

If you can talk to your neighbors, you can overturn all existing government.

More on how to do this in the next entry....