Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bix Weir Update - May 19, 2014

HOLY CRAP BATMAN! ROAD TO ROOTA – Bix Weir So the mystery deepens on why my interview with the History Channel about the conspiracy at the DTCC was not aired this weekend. It was scheduled to be broadcast on Saturday 5/17 during the show America’s Book of Secrets: Secret Underground but the segment was removed without explanation. I had confirmed with my contact at the production company just two weeks prior and he said that it would be aired on Saturday…but nothing.

On Sunday morning I sent him an email and it was returned:

“The person you are trying to reach is no longer with Prometheus Studios.”

Hmm. I have reached out to a few of my other contacts at the studio but have yet to hear back. Yes, it’s easy to run with the Conspiracy angle on this one….”Conspiracy at the Conspiracy Show”!

Truthfully, I was surprised they even thought about broadcasting what I had talked about as it has ramifications to every part of our global electronic financial system.

Here’s the guts of what I covered in the interview:

1) What is the DTCC and why is it so secretive and important?
2) How can the DTCC process and clear the billions of High Frequency Trades that happen in milliseconds every day?
3) Why are there over 300 Million stock trades that occur every day that are never processed or delivered?

4) How many phoney and duplicate stock certificates of mining companies are there at the DTCC?
5) What happened to the $36T worth of paper securities that were submerged underwater during Hurricane Sandy?
6) Why were all the gold and silver swap contracts transferred to the vault at 55 Water Street just weeks before it was flooded?
7) How did a huge fire erupt in the DTCC vault basement just after all the water was pumped out?
8) Why was ex-CFTC Commissioner Michael Dunn (who argued against Dodd-Frank Swap Regulations) put in charge of the DTCC Vault just months before it flooded?
9) Why does the DTCC hold legal title to all stocks, corporate and muni bonds, physical bearer bonds and even derivative contracts under the nominee name “CEDE & Company”?
10) If the government, Federal Reserve, exchanges and banks don’t own the DTCC…who does?
11) Why does the DTCC hold legal title to 99% of all mortgages in the world? (even yours!)
12) What are the ramifications of the DTCC (and their bankruptcy remote entity “CEDE & Company”) owning legal title to 99% of all financial instruments in the world?

The interview lasted over 3 hours and by the end even the camera crew were ready to run to their bank and withdraw their money from the system!!

I will have some followup interviews over next few weeks on the subject that will hopefully be aired on the social media but for now it looks like even the Mainstream Conspiracy Channels find the DTCC topic too hot to handle.

Just another day in the battle to FIND THE TRUTH!

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

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