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This can be applied in anything we do in life. It can be applied to politicians and many others. It can fit a broad range of understand the human psyche and just how much the people doing this to you; actually know this and do it on purpose. The carrot on a stick game!

I am going to use an example of a list of all the dates given by one particular supposed “Intel Source/Provider”. Just don’t stick your finger in a light socket!

First I am going to explain the entire reason behind giving dates and why most say they don’t pay attention to them, but don’t even realize this is the very thing they are sub-consciously taking in; and want to KNOW. Everyone wants to know “WHEN” so bare that in mind as it's the driving force behind keeping you hooked.

People enjoy playing many tricks on the minds of the many. Some are doing this on purpose for self gain and some are doing this not even knowing they are doing this. They are trapped in the programmed thinking that has been instilled upon them. Most of them know what they are doing and do it purposely to keep you hooked, or profit from it.

Sub-consciously deep within when one is waiting on something as BIG as the GCR, it is only normal to want to know WHEN it will happen. This in effect will keep one glued to the Intel that provides you with that which eases the waiting. Even though many make claims of knowing not to listen to the dates, sub-consciously it is the one thing that is most looked at, no matter what else is said. It is almost like playing a mind trip on yourself. By seeing the date and then saying well I hope it happens, then letting it go; most are then sub-consciously waiting for that date hoping it’s the one. Sure it sounds great, but this is very unhealthy physically and mentally for the masses. Yet people are still stuck on having to read all the junk material that is offered with dates provided.

It’s the same thing with rates as well. You want to know how much it’s going to be in hopes it will be better than street rate. Thus keeping one stuck on having to know everything involved with it. Think of the things said other then the date or rate in any pieces offered by those claiming to be in the KNOW. Can you pick and pull anything that is actually helping you now, or will if it happens? Such as the funds have been received for the projects but not yet released. How is knowing these things doing anything constructive or helping your situation NOW, or later? It is really doing nothing but supporting all that "wanting to know" within us. There we are paying more attention to the date and then kidding ourselves by saying we are not. Then the cycle starts up again and repeats itself over and over.

I had to laugh because in a group one of these, string you along with the carrot people, actually tried to make the claim that because of them and their group; I was going to benefit from this. The reason they made this claim is because I am in the Farm/Bank Claims. I did not know this until after learning about NESARA. Here is the thing though, would me knowing about NESRAR, or that I was in the Farm/Bank Claims at all, have stopped me from benefiting from it? Not at all because if it happens, someone would show up at my door no matter what I knew or did not know. That is the thing, it's nice to know but at the same time it did not at all change my current situation or help me by knowing it. Sometimes statements that make no sense at all just make me chuckle.
So yes get the benefit of learning about an RV and if you feel inclined get yourself some currency, place it in a safe place and go on about your life, otherwise you will end up like many of us who sat and waited over and over for the day it happened. If it happens, it will happen when it happens!

What’s that old saying, “If you tell a lie long enough you start to believe it?” That can actually be applied to the psyche of all this as well. It is not to say the GCR is a lie at all either, just that it will happen when and if it happens. NO ONE KNOWS WHEN, yet the date and rate providers are still profiting off all your donations in the name of doing something good for you. So why attack anyone who is saying, “Let’s get up and take action!” It is very easy to see why an attack on anyone who threatens the very control of the flock system, be that online or in the real world, would be attacked. The flock will also save face by going on the attack as well. It threatens the establishment.


Morpheus: I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it.

Morpheus: You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.

So in the end we’re just falling into another trap of the system. If one looks hard enough at it and their own experience with it, one can see it. It doesn’t mean I think what we all hope will happen, will not. It just means that watching and waiting is not helping anyone including ourselves.

Here is the list I promised! These are all dates from ZAP. When you read the dates alone, what does that tell you? Considering most of the other information SOUNDS good, this is what everyone is REALLY focusing on. Even if we say we are not and understand we shouldn't pay attention to dates. Remember everyone is only holding onto the Intel to begin with because you want to know “WHEN” it's going to happen. Hence the reason to purposely throw in the dates and then turn around and say things like, “Don’t listen to the dates” or all the excuses that never end about why their date given, has not happened. In many of the supposed, “Intel Providers/Sources” stuff, there is a trend of repeating excuses and information. If you go back in time and read it like one long story and start with the first one, then end with the most recent; you will begin to see this much more clearly.

These are the dates given just by one of the many “Intel providers” and you can do this with all the Intel by doing a little bit of work and or keeping a list to keep track of all the dates given yourself, to start to see the patterns.

ZAP INTEL REPORTS:  ( Thank you “Reality Check” for the list & time you spent compiling all the dates)

June 9, 2013 - RV/Global Reset "this week and the next"

June 23, 2013 - RV "within the next several weeks"

July 7, 2013 - "All is in place for this coming week"

July 14, 2013 - "...a month or two when the fundings will go live"

July 21, 2013 - "... it will happen now whether next week, or in 2 months, either one"

August 4, 2013 - Global reset and RV "tomorrow"

August 11, 2013 - September will see first funds and RV

August 25, 2013 - "this is it, no more dress rehearsal", RV + Global Reset good to go

September 1, 2013 - "This is the week that it all changes, and humanity will breathe", "September 3 and 4”

September 8, 2013 - "It has indeed started" - announcements this week "on Wednesday"

September 22, 2013 – “The show is underway”

September 29, 2013 - Redemptions have begun, stage is set for RV

October 21, 2013 - RV "so close, it is almost palpable"

October 28, 2013 - Dinar is active, people are cashing out

November 4, 2013 - "November 11 is a significant date"

November 11, 2013 - "Expect the RV announcement today"

November 18, 2013 - Funding and projects begin "this coming week"

November 26, 2013 - Funding has begun, RV on Thanksgiving, final sequence begins this week, Global reset exact timing in "the first week of December"

December 3, 2013 - Global Reset and RV "is upon us"

December 11, 2013 - "It has all, indeed, started"

December 17, 2013 - The RV is done, 2 weeks before public exchange, Global Reset "next year (early)"

December 24, 2013 - "New Republic of the United States of America has been signed off.. yesterday December 23, 2013"

December 31, 2013 - "All of it is about to fruit in 2014, and very early in January"

January 8, 2014 - RV to be announced "either this week or next", redemption funds "January 13"

January 14, 2014 - RV + F&P + PP to be announced before Jan 31st

January 21, 2014 - "All is in ready state" for RV, fund releases and historic bond payounds, "ongoing now and really heating up this week"

January 30, 2014 - "RV is still imminent", "February 2 is of extreme importance to the whole swing, and that is the date when everything changes."

February 9, 2014 - "It has all begun", " the dinar ... should be formally announced anytime this coming week". "The groundwork for the Global Reset is well in place."

February 17, 2014 - "The funds have materialzed now", "many initial transfers are already booked for Monday", "the Global Reset will happen... this month", "the RV may happen overnight... I can certainly believe this week is the RV announcement week".

Februrary 24, 2014 - "The funds start out Monday... this week everything moves forward", "New US Treasury note will be coming out in March", "Release of the global funds has occured.. last week... organisations will be distributing these funds of Monday."

March 5, 2014 – “We can look forward to the end of the long wait this month” “… everything, and I mean everything, will take place after the 15th of March. This year.”

March 9, 2014 - "Wire transfers for the bonds have started" "Iraq private bond sale has been completed" "...all global exchanges are on high alert and positioned today." “Global RV passed” on Thursday.

March 17, 2014 – “Today marks the first day that the announcements can be made”... “Massive funds moved over the weekend... this event signals the ability to announce the global reset" and “the release of funds for the historical assets including the bonds”.... “The next few days will be phenomenal”... “This week is the week everybody has been working for.”

March 23, 2014 – "Monday March 24, all funds are released for the purpose of the historic bond payments, the RV of the currencies, the reset, the PPP, etc. No restriction and the money will come out and the divine plan will get effected.” USA signed new USD agreement yesterday March 22 at 11:30, formal announcement for TRN expected this coming week. April target date for prosperity programs. Reset already happened March 17, now in deployment phase.

March 31, 2014 – TRN was effected on March 28. The funds that were released globally are now live… the TRN is on the screens. Fed dollar being exchanged in Europe first, US begins the exchange this coming week. All financial events are confirmed for next week inclusive of the RV, the formal global announcement of the TRN and the global currency reset. Global reset already occurred, but is being kept quiet until the formal announcement scheduled for Sunday April 6, 2014.

April 7, 2014 – “US Treasury is fully functioning under the new dollar, the TRN. We are smack in the middle of the reset. It is a matter of short days only.”

April 13, 2014 –“The RV is here. The reset is here. We won. …with the 15th here, the usability of these funds is effected, and the Reset will change the world. The TRN is fully functional in the system, and we will see this news shortly. So this week it is short and very sweet. And to all the nay sayers: NYA NYA NA NYA NAH.”

April 22, 2014 - "The RV… came Monday. The reset is here. RV and Global Reset will be announced this month, and a tentative date of April 22 has been marked for the public announcement. Today/tomorrow is the beginning. Today/tomorrow, the releases begin and humanity changes. So far all information I have been privileged to has been accurate. No hooks here to spit"

April 27, 2014 - "All the events spoken of in my writngs has occurred, and a few more items will be done before everything is released to the public. The May 15 Timeline for public RV accouncements stands out. The RV and money movement is a given fact right now. Soon, all of this will be public. The RV was already signed into existence on April 22. I speak not to drivel and false hopes. The info and various other intel I receive is accurate."

May 4, 2014 - The RV is done, but the funds for the payments are not yet released. The crooked politicians... only have a few days left to steal. The RV was signed into existence on April 22. The public is to be announced May 15. What disinformation and deception? Name one instance... I dare you. I get correct information on a consistent basis which checks out in the high places.

If you go through this you can see all the key words that make it so when a date comes and goes, everyone defends the very act of giving a date. Such as all the supposed delays which are usually a handful of excuses, that repeat themselves over and over. Yet everyone gets upset and wants the truth and is sick of waiting. Everyone wants to know when. I know because I’ve been there myself. From experience is when someone can see through the fog, after waking up from the new bed they were places in to take a very nice, long nap.

The cabal knows exactly what they are doing. Rest assured they would take advantage of this situation in any way they can. NO ONE KNOWS WHEN so what’s with all the dates? I mean with the story of Alan Greenspan being killed because he was going to announce NESARA, does anyone really think a date for announcements or anything would actually be given to put anyone else in danger? It's much like peeling back the layers of an onion on their many traps to keep you under control. Heard the FLOCK and CONTAIN THE ONES AWAKENING!

IF there is Galactic’s and White Knights helping they are definitely not going to do all the work, as it is all of us who messed it up by helping to perpetuate it. Sitting back idle is just the same as perpetuating a system. Just because we see the deception does not mean we are fighting it. They have built it so good to benefit only them, that it’s time we took actions and stopped waiting. This doesn’t mean a revolution or anything violent at all. There are many ways of taking action and coming together that involve no violence. Our fear is one thing we will need to overcome in order to do this as well. They definitely would not give the opposition any information on dates, as it would never happen at all then. It’s time we let it go and fix it up.

Our critical thinking caps are greatly needed!

So yes please do keep on attacking someone who is trying to encourage people to be doing things for themselves and others by taking actual actions in life. Of course this is the one thing the cabal fear the most is, “WE THE PEOPLE”!

MIRACLE – Above and Beyond

Listen here:

Don’t they know that there’s something going on?
What they’re harming with their indecision
But who will be left standing when I’m gone?
There’ll be nothing left but a vision

It’s too easy to turn a blind eye to the light
It’s too easy to bow your head and pray
There are some times when you should try to find your voice
This is one voice that you must find today

Are you hoping for a miracle, as the ice caps melt away?
No use hoping for a miracle
There’s a price we’ll have to pay

It’s too easy to turn a blind eye to the light
It’s too easy to bow your head and pray
There are some times when you should try to find your voice
This is one voice that you must find today

Are you hoping for a miracle, as the ice caps melt away?
No use hoping for a miracle

Are you hoping for a miracle, as the ice caps melt away?
No use hoping for a miracle
There’s a price we’ll have to pay

(Note: Apparently the lyrics did not copy and paste properly in order, not sure why. But when you listen to the song you can get the gist of it.)

So if you do choose to listen to things and follow things choose those who are not encouraging you to sit idle and do nothing but wait. Choose those who are not giving you dates and stroking that feel good “hopium” by stringing you along. Choose those who are speaking with transparency. There are not many, but there are some out there!

So off I go to get involved in my own community!

"While we hope and wait for a miracle, all those that live upon her, including her suffer while we sit and wait for someone else to fix it!"
Berlin or AKA: Janice Marie Rollins