Tuesday, May 20, 2014

MarkZ Update - May 20, 2014

[MarkZ] I have missed everyone at the castle. I have even missed Digs who keeps us all honest. :) It has been a tough month for me losing a dear friend and we finally spread his ashes yesterday. Now I am back in the saddle, even if I am a bit behind. Bear with me before too many questions start rolling....

[MarkZ] It is good to be here finally!

[MarkZ] Ok before you all ask where we are..... The bond end of this is humming in anticipation for mid week, the banking end of it started quietly preparing for mid week this week. We have news from the sand pile that they are indeed ready to exchange and we have an unconfirmed report that the Kurdistan region started yesterday. Now with that said......

[MarkZ] We are not 100% sure where we are! We know we are close and I have confirmed that some of our chinese connections were indeed unhappy with Lew's proposed speech.

[sandytob] MarkZ So the Mnt Gt stuff is not valid?

[MarkZ] sandytob Mt Goat stuff is IMO your worst case. I firmly believe we have moved past the point of interference now though.

[slh1812] sandytob I'm smelling a rat around Mtn Goat lately...not the Goat herself...but something around her

[MarkZ] slh1812 I believe we have a VERY questionable source in the five sided building right now that is feeding a few intel folks piss poor intel. I have seen it in at least 3 sources of late. I may have been very busy with personal matters these past weeks but I kept my ears open.

[Believe13] MARKZ....do u still think before end of month?

[MarkZ] Believe13 absolutely

[sandytob] MarkZ ok, thanks. What do the Chinese want Lew to say that he wasn't going to?

[MarkZ] sandytob The Chinese want him to say the truth. His 'masters' want a watered down version that admits nothing. They want our sudden wealth to only be known as "The Wealth Factor' and expect the people to believe it is the 'trickle down' from the years of stimulous packages.

[expectancy] Markz I heard us representative walk out of the un today when asked why they are holding up rv

[MarkZ] expectancy AWESOME!!!

[nikki23] Markz I believe some misinformation is floating around as well, but the truth will surface.

[MarkZ] nikki23 yes it will ;)

[BJandJodi] MarkZ - Why do those corrupt crooks have any say at this stage?

[MarkZ] BJandJodi They don't, we all need to stop believing those rumors. We have some great folks looking out for us. They did attempt some crazy things in the Ukraine, in the past the politics of that along with the banking moves pulled by Barclays would have erupted in an armed conflict. They threw us a WW3 size potential and it was reigned in. That shook the cabal side up more than anything. The status quo is over.

[expectancy] Mark z is okie date still be what we're looking for

[MarkZ] expectancy I have no idea what okie said. I did actually read the boards about an hour ago to see what crap you all have been fed. I saw a great one on sham the folks call the RV by someone explaining why it is a safer play than the lotto. Great piece to whomever wrote it.

[notsoguru] MarkZ just what are the chinese telling their peeps?

[MarkZ] notsoguru To stay calm and stay the course. They want no rocking of the boat. The rats are no longer making big bucks on every stall. They are now using the stalls in hopes of hiding the money they made on the earlier stalls. IT WILL NOT WORK. To quote a nice fellow.... nuff said.

[slh1812] MarkZ All the news from Russia & China, things are MOVING now

[MarkZ] slh1812 Did you pay attention to what they announced about the petro dollar?

[expectancy] Markz may 25. Was set last week. Think what tony was eluding to on call

[MarkZ] expectancy Sounds like a good date. I think we will know sooner though

[moneyman2] MarkZ thinking we are getting close?????????????????

[MarkZ] moneyman2 Yes very. The dismantling of the FED dollar has started, the death blow was delivered today and now it is just a snake that doesn't even know it has lost it's head yet.

[slh1812] MarkZ I mean, the US petro dollar that is

[MarkZ] slh1812 Putin along with his Chinese counterpart announced that they along with 52 other countries would now start using a number of other currencies for petro buys and sales. That was HUGE!!!!!

[babycakes12958] More like a chicken with it's head cut off MarkZ

[MarkZ] babycakes12958 true dat

[slh1812] MarkZ YES YES, that was HUGE!!! Read that, absolutely! And posted it to FB for everybody else

[MarkZ] slh1812 Keep posting things like that! If you all want to know what you can do to help move things along and to help..... keep posting articles like that, inform, that is where true power is, it is in education

[Believe13] MARKZ....is it true that people in Mexico & Germany have started to cash out? Also are rates still on admin hold at USA banks?

[MarkZ] Believe13 I have not been able to confirm anything from Mexico yet. Rates in the US have been seen by two of my in bank contacts though. Until we can exchange though I am not going to start counting my chickens.

[expectancy] Markz. What is your timeline

[MarkZ] expectancy Based on what I am seeing this week is not out of the realm of possibilities but a three day weekend would be the logistical homerun IMO

[bryan1972] MarkZ Can you elaborate on the Death blow ?

[MarkZ] bryan1972 The announcement from the Russian's and Chinese on no longer using the petro dollar. Back on that fateful August day in 71' I believe it was when Nixon was forced to unpeg the dollar from gold he could only do it because in B'Woods we pegged everyone to the petro dollar. That made this farce possible for 40+ years. Now with removal of the petro dollar we can no longer hold the world hostage.

[Believe13] MARKZ....who is the one pushing the button

[sandytob] MarkZ I hope the rates will be reasonably high.

[expectancy] Markz three day weekend. Is it memorial day?

[kenbo] MarkZ I've posted too much on FB as it is.. lol.. I am sure to be on a watch list..though I mean well

[MarkZ] Believe13 It would be HIGHLY unwise to post that. sandytob They look great.kenbo You are in good company on the list ;)expectancy Sounds about right

[Believer2] MarkZ what will be the consequence to the US with the death blow? How devastating will it be and can we recover?

[MarkZ] Believer2 Of course we will recover. We will RV/RESET.

[Believe13] MARKZ...I. Don't want his name or address roflmao, but I heard it was one of the good guys people can trust is that fair to say

[MarkZ] Believe13 Very fair to say

[sugarplum50] MarkZ what do you make of the stock market today?

[MarkZ] sugarplum50 I think it is already adjusting......

[pursuitoftruth] MarkZ Mountain Goat seems to think the bad guys have to go first. Is she off the mark, no pun intended.

[MarkZ] pursuitoftruth lol.......... She is not but there has been tremendous movement on that front. Much of which I can not share.

[sugarplum50] MarkZ Do you expect a rise b 4 the RV

[MarkZ] sugarplum50 Nothing big. It needs to crash 25-50% IMO

[moneyman2] MarkZ how long do you think it will take to get the rates to the teller level??????

[MarkZ] moneyman2 48 hours after the reset. I am not certain I will be able to reach out when this gets to a certain point. If I have to disappear for more than a day you all should just start partying.

[expectancy] Markz I heard forex pairing was showing rates. Can you confirm?

[MarkZ] expectancy It has been but only during off hours, I believe they are testing it.


[sandytob] MarkZ That's what we heard a few years ago......look for the stock market declining.

[MarkZ] sandytob Anytime gold and the market move in the same direction you should question things. They move opposite for a reason when using FIAT currencies.

[moneyman2] MarkZ 48 hours after the reset. hmmm when do you see that reset happening?

[MarkZ] moneyman2 That is the part I shouldn't answer, I will say if they all row the same direction it could be this week yet. I hope that is comforting but still vague enough.

[sandytob] MarkZ Why do you have to disappear?????????

[MarkZ] sandytob Once this passes a certain point I am certain that intel people will be 'asked' to be ABSOLUTELY SILENT while it finishes out. They may even close all the chatrooms. It would be the safe and prudent thing to do. IMO

[expectancy] Markz is there a backwall it has to end by? Whose holding it up Iraq or usa

[MarkZ] expectancy No one is holding it up now. IMO

[sandytob] MarkZ will be really difficult for us, but I understand.

[MarkZ] sandytob It will not be for long. Any chatroom we have post event will most likely have to be very private to people that exchanged currency in the RV/RESET

[melongirl] MarkZ Then how are we going to know when and how to do our banking?

[MarkZ] melongirl That will get out right after the public release. They COULD be around 48 between the reset and the public release though. it was planned that way years ago. Protocol could have changed though. I am just preparing you in case it has not.


[bigbear] MarkZ Can you still tweet us a message when it happens??????????

[MarkZ] bigbear maybe..... :)

[MarkZ] ..SweetQueen ROFL......probably true. Besides I have a steak tour to do after this......

[MarkZ] I just founf out Ben Carson will be on Fox biz tonight. I love Ben, says it how it is.


[MarkZ] ..SweetQueen lol.

[expectancy] Markz if no one is holding it up, why cant I buy you cuban cigars yet

[MarkZ] expectancy hahaha soon. Logistics are still logistics. If I didn't know who was in charge of those logistics and making certain that things are safe, proper and timely I would be uneasy as well. BUT I have great faith in who is responsible now.

[Joshua2415] MarkZ How is the new web site coming along and do you have a link ready?

[MarkZ] Joshua2415 It stalled because of my unexpected loss but I will post the landing page and let you know tomorrow where we are with it.

[wango1] MarkZ JPMorgan Funds-Emerging Markets Debt Fund is an open-end investment fund incorporated in Luxembourg.The Fund's objective is to provide total return. The Fund invests primarily in fixed and floating-rate securities from emerging markets. Top Fund Holdings for JPEMAAUCan you explain why Iraq is trading here.

[MarkZ] wango1 Not sure I understand the question. Good to see you Wango. If you have a good explanation please share. I am still not 100% up to speed after my time away.

[sananddan24] MarkZ what are you thoughts on the executive order being extended?

[MarkZ] sananddan24 It had to be extended so all of Cheney's friends could still get paid.... heheheh If you want to know an absolute back wall just look at how long it was extended for...... Make sense?

[notsoguru] MarkZ so what was the purpose in the open ended extension of EO13303? just curious why open ended

[MarkZ] notsoguru It wasn't really open ended. They knew attaching the date would expose the RV timeline. It was proposed at just 30 days. Then the figured out their collective oppss and said 60 days, at which point forex trades went nuts, then they decided to leave it open. I nearly popped a stitch laughing at them..

[expectancy] Markz that doesn't sound good. No expiration

[MarkZ] expectancy It makes you look wiser.....

[Lvn42day] MarkZ Thank you, If someone had just explained (the extension to whenever) that to us yesterday; it would have been easier to swallow. n to whenever) that to us yesterday; it would have been easier to swallow.

[MarkZ] Lvn42day I feel responsible for you all these past weeks, I just could not make much time or focus. The biggest thing we have to do now is stay positive but grounded. Optimistic and realistic.

[chuck60] 13303 is not open ended. There is a notice also in whitehouse.gov website that states 1 year. It's posted right next to the letter that implies "open ended". Sorry, on laptop, so can't get a link

[MarkZ] chuck60 If you can post it when you have time for the castle I would greatly appreciate it.

[stthomas cowboy] Markz thanks for your time tonight cleaning up the aftermath due to mtn goat.

[MarkZ] stthomas cowboy Mt Goat is actually a great help in keeping us all grounded. We should ALL think worst case so that we do not sidetrack our lives. It is called responsibly managing our expectations.

[sooner84] MarkZ So in your best "guess", should be we expect this thing to pop on or before May 31?

[MarkZ] sooner84 I am honestly looking for sooner but with that said I am not leaving the day job and will continue to keep grounded and working until I LEAVE the bank a wealthier man.

[expectancy] Sooner84 okie said may 25. Markz felt before that

[MarkZ] expectancy Actually logistically his date makes enormous sense.

[1biz4u] Markz does it matter if Maliki is or isn't elect pm?

[MarkZ] 1biz4u not at all.

[MarkZ] Actually the original plan was for him to release the RV and then resign.

[MarkZ] I can not stay on much longer folks. I am still way behind in life after these past weeks. I will be here tomorrow night though.

[sooner84] MarkZ So we shouldn't be too concerned about what is happening with the Iraq elections to impact when the RV is done?

[MarkZ] sooner84 no worries with the elections

[schaefer3] MarkZ - anything new re CMKX/CMKM?

[MarkZ] schaefer3 There is...... :) Great stuff. I will save that for tomorrow though.

[arvdog21] Markz with all the dates... confusion and info or misinformation what would be any tell tale sign of significance?

[MarkZ] arvdog21 hmmmm. Let me think on what would be the best sign for you all to look for if they do ask us to go quiet.

[AZhombre] Hola MarkZ, it's been w while I've opened the castle door. A 3 day weekend? 24th-26th? Can hardly wait to exchange mi dinar for Pay It Forward Free Groceries Day.

[MarkZ] AZhombre I think free grocery day is a GREAT idea.

[MarkZ] Peace out all.... :)