Friday, May 9, 2014

Mountain Goat Update - May 9, 2014
Hi Everyone,

I come you today sadly. I need  to bring this news and to express once again an amazement of more information that has come to light on the deceptions taking place concerning the RV rollout.

This news in not all hopium but it is something we all need to know.

It is time for those in the knowing to take their heads out of the sand. Information does eventually get exposed. In todays world you can’t keep playing the hide and seek game forever.

 As you know there has been an ongoing investigation on these matters of the USA stalling the rollout of the currency revaluations.

 It is my understanding these practices will become public in the very near future if continued much longer.

 A word of caution. In reading what follows in this news letter you are invited to re-read it many times and absorb it.
I have written it in the best way I now know for you to understand. You must however connect some of the dots for yourself to get the true and complete picture of what is really happening with this RV process.

You all wanted to know what is holding up the RV....well now you have many sides to the story. All are very possible, in fact they are all very probable.


First a little history for the newbies that may be reading this news letter.  If you have been following my recent couple news letters you know the basic issues  involved and so you may skip over this section at will. However for those just learning of these practices please read the following background section carefully to fully understand what the real issues are and why immediate actions must be taken against the perpetrators.

 Let me   say there are some unethical and now illegal dealings going on with this IQD international rollout process.  The USA has control over the final steps to the process.

As I have stated the controllers of this process simply do not want to end the continued bonanza of billions of dollars being made each and every time they stall the process once again. Once again I say it is not easy to give up the goose that is laying the golden

 Due to the reinstatement of the IQD on 4/26 other issues arose since only the IQD is revaluing to pre-war rate plus maybe 20-25% equity and not the basket of some 190+ other currencies. The USA was preparing to complete the final stages of the GCR rollout but now they have halted the process to rethink a new  process.

They only had 5 months to roll it out. Do you think this was long enough?  Do you now know why Iraqi prime minister pulled the trigger on the reinstatement?

 The USA was really ready, and has been ready for the last 5 months, to complete the final rollout process for the GCR on 4/24.  This was to be the full GCR phase 1.

 On 4/24 the USA did not live up to its part of the agreement once again. They then stalled for a 4/27 date for completion.

 Iraq then caught rumor of an intentional stall tactic (more than a rumor actually) once again and basically got sick and tired of the stalling. On 4/26 they reinstated their currency with assistance and support from the IMF. Remember we have been told over and over again the IMF wanted to take over the process. This is yet another indication of their willingness and readiness to do so.

 So now we have the reinstatement. Today is 5/8 and still no rollout of the reinstatement rate to the international community. Why?

 There is a long standing international agreement   already in place stating a timeframe when all revaluations must be made fully public. The USA has already passed this timeframe. Why?  Continue reading and you will find the answer.

So short after missing this deadline the IMF and the USA have negotiated a second cutoff date.  This date is in fact quickly approaching. Will the USA already have premeditated intentions to bypass this date? Why?

 This is at least one side of the story. I will give you another side of the story later. Sometimes we tend to believe what we are hearing over and over agan. It is not always the full truth. Certain facts are conviently left out to sway opimion in th direction deired.

 Today’s News

 Good News

Today  there is plenty of good news to bring but I hesitate to tell you and I will explain why next.

But first I am being told that from Thursday 5/8 until Sunday 5/11 we are in an excellent window to see the rollout of the revaluation. Note I said revaluation and not reinstatement.

As I have said before they are going to trigger off a revaluation using the reinstatement rate from 4/26 and a starting point. I did tell you previously that this might happen and so it is now in play.

 I am told plans are being made for us to be at the banks next week. This extension given by the IMF bought them some time to reorganize and setup for this process.

 Bad News

Having just said the good news I also have to say I do not believe a word of it.

 I am only telling you want can happen. Yes – everything is set to go and can go successfully if they are allowed to continue the RV process to completion. So who will stop it now?

 I have a recently found a new source in Washington DC that is now telling me more of what is happening during these lengthy revaluation meetings. In the meetings this week all seems well and progressing. If I did not know any better I would say we would be at the banks exchanging next week.

 But I know better and my contact has already told me they   intend to once again stall the process for erroneous reasons.  Yes- once again they are already intentionally planning to sabotage the process and halt it. So I asked why?

 Another Side to the Story

This new contact also told me they planned and are still planning to continue to stall and hold up the rollout until Maliki’s mandate with the government as prime minister is over on June 14 2014.

 Do not look for the RV prior to this date.

This information is not favorable for Iraq if it were to know the stalling is intentional by the USA since many agreements have been made and they are for the most part, just like us investors, in the dark about why their currency has not yet revalued international.

Negotiations have not been done in good faith. But then again the way I see it how many agreements has Maliki broken? We all know almost everyone. So maybe we all need to look at all the factors and now just our own desire to go to bank.

 The question now is can this plan of holding off till June 14 be overridden by the mandate to rollout the reinstated value within the latest negotiated timeline which is much before June 14th ?

These are the changes to the plan we are now hearing about. The USA government needed sometime to plan around this change. So what is not the outcome of these planning sessions.

Will they go ahead with the rollout now or continue to try to stall until June 14?

 So one might make their own conclusions  knowing this new information. So there is another side to the story we all just heard it. Does it makes sense now why Iraq has essentially did an in-country RV earlier this year and why Maliki has just recently triggered the reinstatement.

It has nothing to do about the elections other than he knows his days are numbered and he will not get a third term. He is attempting desperately to get his hands on more money.

The 2014 budget too will not pass until he is gone and so this source of funding too has dried up. No money, no power ! Like an automobile with a dead battery. You can turn the key but the car just won’t start.

So why does he want this funding so desperately and especially now?

He wants this funding because he wants the opportunity to sift off yet more of the funds by his own corrupt scams before he departs office and to purchase influence and votes for the elections in his favor in the hope he can maintain control as prime minister. Remember this guy is a master mind politician. Its just too bad it not for the good of all but for selfish self preservation and greed.

 So now you heard another side of the story. Which do you believe?

Could it be that this stalling is intentional on the part of the USA to actually protect Iraq from the harm that could be caused if Maliki was to have a third term.

 We all know by now Maliki is not going to have a third term. We know this by looking at the preliminary election results. The fear too is should he happen to get a third term this would cause more violent protesting in the country as we have already seen and stalled politics for yet anther 4 years.

But the most feared is the reaction of the people and the instability of the country as the citizens themselves would not allow this to happen and most likely there would be numerous attempts on his life and to many of his goons from the national council.


I come to you today, all 250,000  known readers, plus anyone else now reading this news letter. This investigation so far has taken much of our time and funding. It has not been pleasant but somehow these facts had to come to light since we are constantly being lied to that this revaluation will happen everyday or at any minute.

This is just not the facts and it is wrong to mislead everyone. This is just not possible and you are finding out why. You are simply being strung along. This constant lying is the cause of much frustration and anxiety for us investors.

 Some say there is a new final end date and I agree. I know what it is but I do not believe they will stand by this new agreement.

Why should I believe anything from these individuals anymore? They will simply say once again it is delayed due to national security reasons.

 These individuals have caused the USA already to bypass the legal timeframe for international rollout for revaluing currencies.

 The excuse of course was they needed more time since the reinstatement changed many things. So now there is a new timeline. We wait and watch in anticipation to what they will do.

 Surely no one really wants to cause embarrassment to any department or have anyone lose their job or ruin careers but if necessary the facts and files will speak for themselves.

 We wait and see what will happen this weekend. Will they decide to stall the process once again and if so what will be the reason?  

Honestly and transparency – this is all we now ask of all those involved in this RV rollout process.

 Peace and Luv To Ya All,

Mnt Goat