Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mountian Goat Update - May 1 , 2014 Everyone,

I needed to come to you today to give an update on the progress of the international rollout of the new rate for the IQD.

There  is good news but still also it is wrapped with some very sad news since many crooked individuals are still bent of keeping this new rate of the reinstatement from the public and investment community. I will tell you now why they do this.

Today’s News

In the past I compared this current situation in an analogy of a boxing fight. There is now a final countdown as the crooked ones have been  knocked down on the mat, just laying there but refuse to give up until the final bell rings.

The count is now very close to the final count of 10 and it is almost completed by the referee.   

I assure you this fight will end and there will be celebrations later. The crooked politicians will not win and they will all be dealt with.

Soon I will publish names of each and everyone of them and the tactics they have been using. The news media too will receive all this information. It is time and enough is enough! You now have a right to know full disclose of this situation.

Today it is May 1st and soon the results of the Iraq parliamentary elections will be made public. The general voting is now over. There are 447 open seats nationwide, and competition for them is fierce.

I can assure you there is going to be some house cleaning of the crooked Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki’s and his State of Law Alliance (SLA) and the last 4 years of nothing. My bet is on the Citizens Alliance led by Ammar Al-Hakim, as the next majority government. Let’s all watch and see how this plays out.

The good news is we are very close to the final announcements once the votes are tallied and the new GOI and Parliament meet to elect the primary minister position.

Other presidential positions too will be announced. Then the leaders of the other ministries are selected and seated.

We will finally see a fully functional government unlike the one that was stalled beginning in 2009-2010 and for the last four years. I truly hope we will hear the bells of democracy ring in Iraq.

As I stated in my last news letter we may never even see this reinstatement rate and go directly to the revaluation rate when it goes live to the public

. My concern now it that I am hearing more delays  and excuses to hold  it up even longer. I assure you these delays are not legitimate and they are only stalling once again so they can continue to line their own pockets.  This is the very disturbing part and it must not be allowed to continue.

My disappointment is in these people in USA government  in control of this rollout and is shameful. I need you to know that whenever in the past I gave you a timeframe it was always based on negotiated agreements and thus in these agreements there was reason to give such a timeframe.

I never just make up these timelines. Time and time again the USA has broken all agreements. These timelines come and go.

 I also now need to clarify something too said about me over and over again. So like before I will now say over and over again - . I am getting very tired of being accused of some “political agenda”. So once again I am telling you I am not running for office or plan to in the future. I am not part of any conspiracy to overthrow the government. I am not part of this “Nasara” group in any way nor support it or any of this “new republic” stuff.

 So who I am is a concerned citizen just like you and millions others. I have every right to express myself without being accused of being some conspirator. I resent this accusation. The only conspiracies in this IQD currency revaluation process are the scams now being perpetrated right in front of our noses by our own USA government by holding up the final rollout to the international community.

So please let us not bite at each others throat. We are all in this effort for the same goal - of honestly and full transparency from our government over this issue. . We are all actually a team working for the same. Are results can only benefit all..

 We all know about these politicians who have had total control over making the rate activated for self gain since December 2013 and used the influence of their political positions for this self gain while we, the general public and investors, must wait. Are we not also legitimate holders of dinar?

Are there not laws against this behavior?  Who is now going to hold them accountable? 

 Next then we witnessed the bankers. Who used the active rates in the secrecy of the night,   to exchange their selected high end cliental.  Why and how were the banks allowed to do this?

Who is the watchdog of these illegitimate banking practices?  Is it not the UST?

Then how and why did the UST allow this to happen. We need accountability and full transparency of these actions too by the UST.

 Again I say there is a feeding frenzy happening on the Iraq dinar right now still by those who control it and no one seems to care to stop it or to manage it. If you want to know what is holding it up……now you know…..

So why won’t they release the new rate?

It is very simple and not complicated to understand. It is because they still are buying the IQD at the 1166 low rate and exchanging it as they activate the rate at the banks in secret periods behind our backs.

As this continued they are making billions each time the RV has been postponed. So the goose continues to lay the golden egg. It is hard to give up and is addictive.

We hear excuses like they are renegotiating, Obama having to sign off again, fighting terrorism, catching the bad guys, etc…as the hold up. How long can they lie to us before we catch on to their game?

 I have to tell you the game is coming to an end and will soon be over. These crooked politicians and anyone taking part in this conspiracy is going to jail.

Enough is enough!

There are investigations underway and they have been continuing since last December undercover.

 Now that Iraq has officially reinstated their currency as of Saturday April 26, 2014 this situation now has grown to yet a new level.

Now there are other legal agreements and international laws being disregarded. This is now elevated to a very, very serious level.

It is now beyond the 72 hour period necessary as specified that all new rates must be rolled out to the public exchanges and be international.

Many international laws now have been broken.

Having said this I also want to emphasize that there are many more good and honest people working very hard to bring this to completion  and abide by all agreements and international laws.

 It is now time for all politicians to stand up and also fight for this international rollout. In doing so you also will be fighting for the preservation of your own position. There is much at stake too as their reputations can be harmed since they did partake in these early exchanges and are now considered part of the conspirators.

There is a matter of using your position of office for self gain. Do you understand?

They may claim they did not know but now you know and you can make a difference. You were entrusted with your position, voted into office by the people to work for the people. So now go out and do your job and work to clean this up. You represent the majority not the minority of a selected few.

They cannot hide under the cloak of ignorance since you now know and are now being warned of the final outcome. We have the bank records and list of all those involved.  There are many who are not going to stand still any longer while this secret feasting on the Iraq dinar continues.


Again I say if it looks like a sheep but walks, talks  and behaves like a wolf then we are in trouble cause something is fishy. It just may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing
We have uncovered these wolfs and they can no longer hide behind their cloaks and daggers.

It is time to bring their names forward to the general public. This is going to happen very soon I can assure you.

The process is now underway.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,

Mnt Goat