Monday, May 5, 2014


If you are reading Part 2 without reading the first article named THE MYSTERY OF FRYER TUCK, RV, GLOBAL RESET AND CON JOB’S you should read that one first then come back to this one to get the entire exercise and message. For those reading this on a difference venue you can find the first part listed at the following link. Scroll down past Part 2 and read the next article below it.

The reactions from the last article on the made up Intel and deception that I myself pulled off on purpose is doing exactly what it was intended to do. If you choose to not read this entire article and then go off on a tangent, you are only in the end speaking half truths from the lack of full understanding by not reading the entire article!

Sometimes you have to fight fire, with fire!

The fake Fryer Tuck Intel I made up and passed out has spun the wheels online. There are people making statements such as, “My “Trusted Sources” have sent me this, and then they shared the fake Fryer Tuck article as the trusted sources Intel. People are sharing it all over the internet as it makes its rounds as the latest “Hopium”. Many Intel providers are sharing it as Intel. People posted it on their walls, read it on calls, and most believed it; which in fact was the purpose of it. It makes no difference if most of what was said in it could POSSIBLY be true, or if one believes it is. It was still made up, compiled of different information of which could possibly be made up at as well, along with other things that were certainly made up all together and not compiled from other sources. We depend on this stuff daily and just pass on by the false Intel that never happens and move along waiting for the next hopium to come along. Accept in this case you learned you all spread around made up Intel and knew who made it up as they told you they did.

Many people are ANGRY! Many people have a hate on for me now, which is fine as I understand where it’s coming from and why. Directing it to me is A-Okay! When are we going to hold those who are spreading false Intel accountable? Is anyone hating on them or sending them unkind hateful messages? Nope, because they are not admitting to it or telling you it is false. If you read the comments in the last article and can see with more than just your two eyes, you can see those who are threatened and have something to lose, are the most hateful.

There are people in groups that are making statements such as, “I don’t know why she would do this” or that I am some dark soul and don’t care or what not. Contrary to popular belief I have a deep love for all of humanity, even if some just don’t see that at this moment.

If you do not understand why I did this, then you have completely missed the bigger picture and the entire point behind it. You are most likely just thinking from anger or embarrassment/humiliation, which will of course blind you to the bigger picture. The point behind it was MUCH BIGGER, than just proving that MOST of the Intel providers are profiting off YOU and spreading lies. I am fully aware that most people know this.

Yet most don’t hold them accountable and continue their charade and con-job’s by passing along their Intel, buying into the hope and attempting to connect the dots. More people get involved and more get strung along. Therefore those passing the information around are just as accountable as those who wrote it!

There are so many people out there who claim love & light. They preach forgiveness, no negativity, being a light worker, showing integrity, and all this for all of humanity. Yet someone proves something by creating a lie then later exposes it for what it truly was and ALL OF THAT SUPPOSED LOVE and INTEGRITY by those preaching it, suddenly vanishes and the cabal programming comes out.


It does not show integrity, love & light, or forgiveness to continue to drum up the drama by calling anyone names, sending them hateful messages, keeping it going in groups because you are angry either!

Are you really angry at ME, or is it just that you were embarrassed and humiliated? Maybe it’s that the comfort zone was pulled out from under your feet? Is it because it posed a threat to your specific agenda of misleading your FOLLOWERS so you don’t lose those precious donations? You sub-consciously see the bigger picture but are afraid to face what that means. Maybe you just don’t care because you are perpetuating a Con-Job by using the Global Currency Reset as your tool to rake in the bucks. Maybe your ego has gotten so big you can’t afford to lose the attention as it makes you feel needed. Maybe you have isolated yourself from Society and become trapped in virtual world thus you would do anything to save what you BELIEVE is truth. Sometimes the blunt truth hurts more than being lied to. Sometimes the reactions from that blunt truth are masking what you are not willing to face.

I fully expected all the reactions from what I did. I am completely okay with that. I don’t need to explain myself as it was all explained in the blog. I keep being asked to answer questions I already answered in the last article. I keep being accused of NOT GETTING IT that I used deception and betrayed a lot of people. I stated I knew this in the last article. I don’t understand why I keep being asked the same question’s or told I don’t understand something when I clearly stated I did. I am not going to be the type of person that helps you ignore the issues by only giving you the answers that YOU WANT TO HEAR. This is exactly what the cabal does and they put it right in front of your face, yet your to asleep to see it for what it truly is! Just because you know they do this, does not mean you are seeing it for what it truly is and where it is being utilized.

Anchor man 2, Ron Burgandy: “Why do we have to tell them what they NEED to HEAR?  Why can’t we just tell them what they WANT TO HEAR?”

Someone named Dr. Henderson from Midwest’s call on 5-2-2014 made the claim that he knows Fryer Tuck, who supposedly went to the World Court at The Hague and filed some paperwork that has to do with the Global Reset back in 2002. Some are trying to claim I never made up the Fryer Tuck Intel piece to save face. People are taking “snip-its” of the article instead of the entire thing and then telling their members they are no longer allowed to share this blog on their group. It is being DELETED in many groups denying members the information. That is NOT TRANSPARENCY or HONESTY in any way shape or form. It is DECEPTION and CONTROL at its finest as it does not fit your agenda. An agenda does not need to be diabolical; it can be as simple as needing to feel you are doing something good such as helping to disseminate the deceptions online. Anything that disrupts the agenda of those who are either addicted to a group, leading people on for profit and ego, and helps people begin to LEAD THEMSELVES keeps you from making informed decisions by being able to read ALL material! Ask yourself, are you letting them control what you do and say from fear of anything? If you afraid of losing members from something you claim to have done hard work to build on integrity, why is that? Could this be your own addiction to it? Do you not voice how you feel because you are afraid of being attacked or kicked out? What is it that is keeping you there, and why?

I can tell you why I think this is all done. Either way it doesn’t matter. What matters the most is that it is being done. For someone to claim they know this Fryer Tuck and then make up more Intel to please the audience, and get them foaming at the mouth is quite disturbing. This will always make people want to come back because they’re afraid of missing something. Obviously claiming you know someone whom I MADE UP says a lot about who you are and what you represent! Expose the liars and they hunt you like a pack of wolves. No one wants to stand up to the wolves anymore!

At 10:48 this morning, 5/5/2014 I received a call from a private number. I was told this.

“Janice Marie Rollins, you have messed with the wrong people. Remove your blog before we do it for you.”

Interesting isn’t it! So to whomever it is who called and is reading this now please be FOREWARNED THAT I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU OR WHOMEVER YOUR PEOPLE ARE! I will NOT STOP telling truth and exposing the lies for what they are. This is exactly how we all got into this mess. This is exactly why people are stuck in groups waiting for the same old crap that comes on a different day. Being AFRAID to actually stand up to this crap and just talking about it!

I honestly don’t believe that any WHITE KNIGHT would call me and threaten me, that itself would completely go against saving the world and being a light-worker or what not. I do believe it was someone who is benefiting from all this junk Intel and keeping their followers. Followers get more people into it and thus build it up making the profits rake in because you get more and more stuck in the trap of DOING NOTHING!

If your “Trusted Sources” sent you Fryer Tuck and said it was true or this is the latest Intel as truth, what does that say about your “Trusted Sources”? Is everyone that is an Intel source playing hot potato with the latest junk being spread around on the internet? Are they doing the same thing I did and writing up stuff based on calls, or things they hear from other people speaking about what’s going on? Are they gathering clues and ideas from alternate news and regular news to piece things together, and make things fit into their specific idea of what’s going on? Are they playing on your Love and Hope card yet acting on ego impulses because they enjoy the attention? There are a handful of people who are not doing these things that I can think of! They have a much smaller following and it’s not as exciting as the dopium that is spread around online, so people move on to that which excites their brain and releases those stress and excited hormones giving you a temporary rise. You have to remember your body and brain become addicted to this! THEY KNOW THIS!

What I can truly say is this! I am sure there are good people trying to help. You will find those are usually the ones with the smallest amount of participants! If the White Knights are helping and letting us know what’s going on, why not make a website that only consist of the things you actually need to know. Like being prepared, having gold or silver on hand, buy some currency if you want, join your local Common Law Grand Juries since that will be the law of the land as we hear. Things of that nature!

It is TIME to use your critical thinking and common sense. The WHITE KNIGHTS are not going to keep telling you what they are doing at all, they will not string you along with hopium, and they will not release critical information as to alert the opponent, they will not be out there stroking your hope. They would be telling you HOW YOU CAN HELP THEM IN YOUR OWN COMMUNITY!!!!!!!! Don’t you think? Think about. What purpose does this or is this serving any of you to watch the hopium? Knowing the date and time is not going to help you. Knowing what is happening is not going to change your particular situation in the moment because it hasn’t happened yet. Knowing the details behind the scenes is just like watching a good movie and the CABAL knows this and has definitely taken advantage of it in a big way.

So you ever watched a really, really good action movie that has you on the edge of your seats? WELL WELCOME TO THIS ONE. THE NAME IS CALLED,


It is this containment that keeps you from not only working on self, but also doing anything of substance and that is productive to help the changes. It is preventing the people from uniting together and taking actions! Well played CABAL, but sorry I have caught on to your nice little game and I AM DONE WITH IT. I intend to help others see it as well. I live in Sparks, Nevada near Spanish Springs and if you ever hear of a drone strike, you NOW know why!

If you get lots of people WAITING for change, then where is the change coming from and how are you contributing to it?

I do know that there are TRAPS set in many places by the “Cabal”, as they want to prevent the people from uniting and coming together. Many are stuck in this trap that is there right now. That trap is keeping you on the internet spreading the latest news, reading feel good fluffy puffy stuff that makes you wait even longer. In the end the ultimate goal of, “THEM” is to keep you WAITING!!!!!! Transparency is TRUTH! The White Knights are NOT going to tell you anything they are doing as they too are fighting fire with fire, if they exist. <-----  Do you see that?  IF, IF, IF… It does not mean they don’t, it means the possibility is there. So if the possibility is there, why are we not fighting fire with fire ourselves!!!! IT IS TIME TO TAKE A STAND AND GET INVOLVED! Let them do their job and we do ours. Unite and come together to actually take action. They are most afraid of people, no wonder they want them contained and doing nothing.

CONTAIN THE AWAKENED! It’s their plan and you can see it if you open your eyes, heart and mind!

We in life choose everything we do. We choose to spread information. We choose to TRUST certain Intel providers because we BELIEVE they are honest and right. We choose to hang on to the hope so hard it can blind’s you and makes you numb. If we choose to WAIT are we really helping change anything?

There are two types of people in this world.

Those that will wait for change and those that will be the change!

Only from experience can we truly understand something, otherwise we are just making accusations based on what we THINK it is, or will be. Only from experience does TRUTH really exist! Then comes how we choose to observe truth! Are you observing your experience to understand it to the fullest from start to finish?

We are WAY TO TRUSTING in everything outside of ourselves, and this is the true deeper reason why everyone is so quick to cast judgment, blame and anger towards me. It is much easier to be in denial and move along with a fake smile on your face while deep down you truly do see it and feel it. Don’t you think it’s time we start being honest and genuine with ourselves?

It isn’t that I lied, that was just a part of the process. It is because DEEP down, you know what I said was true and secretly see the bigger picture. You can FEEL IT deep down, but consciously refuse to see it for fear of losing that hope; which is the only thing that is keeping you hanging on to the hope of change itself. Maybe it’s because you just don’t know what to do and are overwhelmed by it all.

That is a disease, and a disease of the massive programming that has been projected on us for decades by social programming. The cabal knows this, and they will do everything they can to keep the matrix going and keep YOU in check. Just because you SEE the deceptions does not mean they don’t still have you trapped. Many believe they are awake because they see the deceptions, but


It takes a hell of a lot more to change the world then to just talk about change and hope it comes. It takes ACTION and until we take action for ourselves and fix the programming of our thought processes along with the way we react without seeing WHY it is we do it, then the matrix will always exist, and it will take you much longer to reach the exit sign.

I am NOT claiming to be awake or out of the matrix. I am only seeing what I see in this moment through experience of it. The matrix is a maze and web of lies that runs very deep. Just when we think we have it all figured out, something new emerges to show you just how much deeper it goes.

So for all those who claim to be light-workers, post about love and tell people to stay away from the negativity, or learn to forgive, or claim to be awake that have spread hate, negativity, given stipulations that I should do something specific in order to be forgiven, and continuing to spread negativity and anger towards me, OPEN YOUR EYES WIDER because you are MISSING THE ENTIRE POINT! Two wrongs never make a right!

If you wish to understand why I did this and what it was all about, take yourself to a spot where you let all anger and judgment fly away in the wind and re-read the last article several times along with this one. Look deep within and see the deeper meaning of it all. Look at the BIGGER PICTURE of the entire situation, how it happened and what was said. Forget you know who did it. Forget that the subject matter was the GCR and false Intel. Apply it all to everything you have been doing, everything in life, all possibilities and you may in fact then see the point. Some will be ready to see and some will not.

In the end you will start to see a bit more of what you really need to be doing to help the changes come about. Those who are addicted to the internet for the latest rounds of hopium, it hasn’t changed a thing but made most addicted to it! So many are quick to talk about changing the world and wanting to help change it, and discussing ideas to change it but:


Actions speak louder than words and always will!

So far I have seen NO ACTION and a ton of lip service by most, especially those who are so quick to send hate mail and judgment.

We are in a race to hold everyone else accountable for the things they do, ACCEPT OURSELVES!

We perpetuate this mess and keep on doing it by not doing a damn thing about it! The virtual world isn’t going to change the physical world the way we hope, it is just a tool that can be utilized in different ways like spreading information, filing papers, writing and what not. There are many things that the internet and groups will not ever be able to do. Instead of being couch potatoes and watching TV in our free time, we have become laptop potatoes.  It is just a tool to help actions happen, but only if we utilize it properly.

We listen to those telling us change is coming then someone writes something that can possibly be a threat by helping the audience realize they should walk away, and take actions which are PRODUCTIVE,  they ban the blog or kick you out! The FLOCK is so hopelessly devoted to being a FOLLOWER yet again, that they follow the crowd and mimic what others do. Those that are hopelessly attached to having their followers will do everything possible to keep any threat of losing that flock, OUT OF THEIR WAY! Some way of showing your members what you claim to be about and saying you’re all about truth, right?  If someone wants to perpetuate something like let’s say what I did the other day with this fake post, they continue to speak about it and enjoy the drama with it, all to keep their flock there from fear of losing something. What is it that you are really losing?

Facebook groups are a great thing for finding information and taking a load off, but they are also a nice little trap to play all kinds of emotional tricks on you. Remember who owns and started Facebook. Remember what it’s for! They already know that our human nature will keep us trapped because we don’t want to truly wake up, so all they do is plant the seeds!

Are you helping those seeds grow?

Do you think you are going to be on FB socializing with all these people in these groups when and if the GCR happens, or years down the road?

So why is it so important to be so addicted to it and spend all your free time trolling the sites instead of enjoying your life, or becoming that hope and change?

So what are you going to actually DO to change the world?

Or are you going to ignore it and just go on about your day being angry with me instead of taking head to the real message? I am okay with being hated because I have NO FEAR and I AM ABOUT TRUTH!! It will be interesting to see how many people providing Intel that have a nice little following try to tell their followers that this very article is all a load of crap. After all you lose your 15 minutes of fame when your followers are out taking action instead of listening, and hanging on to your every word like a heroin addict! Your donations stop coming in and your CON, is over. Your stage is removed and no one is watching anymore and instead they are out coming after your MAIN STAGE. I would make threatening phones calls to if my main stage and donations were in peril. If only people could recognize the true drug that is within that keeps you trapped! Trust me, the cabal knows every trick in psychology to keep you in the game and they will waste no time or effort to keep you there. When someone exposes that which you are addicted to you are very quick to dismiss it, go on the defensive to keep yourself connected to your drug. There are many forms of addiction, not just the ones you ingest or hear of.

Sometimes the hard truth hurts, but we either choose to hear it and take action for ourselves or ignore it and just do a bunch of lip service!

So what’s your choice?

Are you really going to let the Cabal put you in another bed to take yet another long nap?

Berlin or Aka: Janice Marie Rollins