Sunday, May 25, 2014

Quantum Energy Generator Update - May 25, 2014

UPDATE - FTW has made great strides during the course of the project in releasing free energy to the world, and everything we have done has been made possible by all you beautiful people who wish to see free energy available to all. Your generous and unwavering commitment to support us in doing the work necessary to get this done in an opensourced and transparent manner is greatly appreciated by more people than any of can imagine. There are many countries now ready and waiting to see the next phase of development so that it can be replicated throughtout the world.

Here is the expenditures report for QEG campaigns to date:

and for all you engineers, the QEG Morocco Test and Measurement Report (template) can be found here:

finally, please continue to help us raise funds to ensure the project comes to absolute completion. Morocco hit the project hard (please read last update) but now we know free energy is real and it appears to be up to us - The People - to keep the momentum going!

Phase 3 QEG: Self-running:

See initial overunity happen here: and watch for new video showing output over 28kw!!

THANK YOU and BLESS YOU!!! You have all our love, respect and gratitude.

HopeGirl and the FTW/QEG Team