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RISE MULTIVERSITY - 2-hour live streaming interactive discussion - New Paradigm of Education - May 17th

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Announcement May 2014 

State of the Rise Roundtable
A 2-hour live streaming interactive discussion with:

Eve Lorgen ⋅ Tom Montalk
george kavassilas ⋅ Perry Mills ⋅ Kelly La Sha
Hosted by Sienna Lea

Saturday, May 17th*
6pm EDT / 3pm PDT / 11pm GMT / 7:30am CST

In this time of mass disinformation, media manipulated world event make believe and entertainment based mind control we are called to Rise together.

In our gathering we have an opportunity to breakthrough, to manifest discernment and joyously co-create steps towards building the world we truly desire. Gather with us as we launch our Rise MultiVersity to support you with a new Paradigm of Education.

It is our time to Rise in Community supporting one another to gain strength, balance and clarity discovering the essential creative tools to shift up into our true self-empowerment and sovereignty.

Rise Roundtable is an Oasis where we gather to understand and activate the essential power we already possess and shift upwards into our true sovereignty in community. We are ready to joyously co-create the steps towards building the world we truly desire with you. Your participation matters. It is our time now to break the chains and Rise in Community, supporting one another and building resilience and momentum.

This Month We Will Explore:

- Our new role as change activators through Community, Education, and Support

- New Understandings in the current three layers of Global Imposition
- Establishing zones that buffer Archontic intrusion
- Synchronistic protection through inner spiritual balance
- Shadow Genesis—fueling the Shift upwards
- The Power to transform through Temple Magic and Liquid Mirror Mastery
- And more...
Date: Saturday, May 17, 2014
*This is a live 2+ hour interactive discussion. The recording of this event will be available on-demand later through our website at
Price: This event is by donation. Your contribution will allow us to expand into a full membership online campus with many venues to research, learn, connect and explore in community. Right now we are solely a Volunteer organization with limited capacity to provide all we envision for you. We appreciate your contribution at whatever level you are able. Thank you so much.

About Rise MultiVersity

Rise is a global education and research project created in response to the challenge of reclaiming what is Sacred with our Mother Planet. Rise offers online mentorship, community groups, broadcasts, and courses including a monthly "State of the Rise Roundtable" interactive discussion. Rise is our response to the call for global metamorphosis. By pooling the knowledge, experience, and wisdom of mentors and community members from different countries and backgrounds, we unite in service, personal Sovereignty, human freedom, and Sacred Activism.

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