Friday, May 23, 2014

Veritas Radio - George Green - The Big Picture

S y n o p s i s

For years, George Green has been illustrating what is wrong with the world economy and what is behind the artificiality of it all. We discuss current geopolitical developments that lead to what seems to the rise of a new world power: China.

The pieces have been in place for quite some time, and the architects are the same. From Rome, to the British Empire, to the United States of America. The western hemisphere has ruled for millennia. China has patiently awaited for their turn, even beating the expectations of economists who predicted that China would overtake the United States' economy by 2019. They have now confirmed that as of 2014, China is now the world's financial superpower.

The United States continues to instigate a new world war with Russia. From Iran, to Syria, to Ukraine. Every time the threat of sanctions erupt, Russia responds in kind. The European Union is waking up to the fact they have more to lose if the United States continues to pressure Russia. Europe imports 30 percent of its gas from Russia, half of which crosses Ukraine.

In a sign of defiance and as a show of where the alliances truly are, France defied the United States by selling While it has not sparked new calls for "freedom fries", France's sale of cutting-edge warships to Russia amid tensions over Ukraine is not going down well with its Western allies.

The United States economy has been propped by fake money. It is the equivalent of a family who no longer has the means to pay for their credit card, but they are able to increase the credit card limit so they can continue spending. Even though the IRS has reported record collection of tax revenue, the government is still reporting deficits and overspending. This trend is unsustainable and Russia and China are carefully crafting their new relation.

The middle class is a dying breed, and as more people wake up to this fact, the engineers are prepared and could use a designer virus, man-made catastrophe, economic collapse, etc. The key is to wake up to this fact. Don't be scared, be prepared.

George mentioned the cloning program multiple countries have. They simply take two cells of a body and hit is with electricity. To transfer memories, they use a machine similar to a CAT/CT machine. He says Henry Kissinger died with his wife in a car crash and what we see today is a clone.

George also discussed how he saw his first extraterrestrial craft while in the 1950s while in the Air Force. Decades later he had his own contact after visiting with Billy Meier in Switzerland.