Monday, June 16, 2014

David Wilcock Update Via Fulford's Blog - June 16, 2014… it seems like everyone here agrees that the intel about the ISIS invasion being a positive thing is incorrect.

Infowars has already done a great deal of work to show that this is more Cabal stuff.

Furthermore, isn’t it interesting that this invasion by a group with the Cabal-friendly name ISIS happened after the Neocons suffered a stunning defeat last week, where they lost the House Majority Leader to an unknown.

This occurred after Drudge Report had nothing but a wall of headlines about illegal immigration for two days. The scariest thing for the Cabal is that Drudge probably was the main reason why Brat won out over Cantor.

In case you haven’t tracked this story, here’s a big “reveal”:
Republican House Majority Leader Loses to Unknown Tea Party Challenger

If you don’t follow politics closely, suffice it to say that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s upset loss to a gadfly challenger in Tuesday’s GOP primary is the equivalent of a No. 16 seed beating a No. 1 seed in the NCAA basketball tournament. No sitting majority leader had ever lost in a primary. And this wasn’t a buzzer-beater. Randolph-Macon College economics professor David Brat, a Tea Party activist, beat Cantor handily, 56 percent to 44 percent. Nooooooobody saw this coming.

This is a big deal on a number of levels. First, it eliminates what little chance remained that the House would pass some sort of immigration reform legislation this year. Cantor was hardly an outspoken advocate for reform. But he was a known sympathizer, which earned him the enmity of many conservatives. His loss probably also diminishes the likelihood that House Republicans will pass legislation next year, too, for reasons I’ll get to in a minute.

Second, Cantor’s loss blows a hole in the House GOP leadership team, where he was second-in-command and thought to be the Speaker-in-waiting when John Boehner retires—an event that quite a few people thought might occur at the end of this Congress….

Third, Cantor’s loss will greatly exacerbate the ongoing civil war within the Republican Party, both at the congressional and presidential level….

[End quote]

The Neocons do represent one faction of the Cabal that is more heavily tied to Israel and the Rockefellers. There has always been a direct parallel between the needs of Israel and the moves of the Neocons.

I actually love the Jewish people and I am not in any way racist. My best friend in HS was Jewish, several of my best college buddies were Jewish and one of my ex-girlfriends is Jewish — so please don’t hit me with that accusation.

It is simply a fact that we have a government in Israel that learned the Cabal “bag of tricks” and then turned against them and created their own faction, because they didn’t want to be the sacrificial lamb for the New World Order plan.

The Neocons have been bribed, blackmailed, threatened and utterly terrified by this very small group within the top echelons of Israel for quite some time. This group is utterly dependent upon oil money for its survival, and losing the House majority voting rights to the Tea Party — which is NOT on the inside — is a critical kick in the crotch. Very, very bad. They now cannot pass ANY legislation and have been effectively destroyed.

They have been behind Syria, Ukraine and now this. It’s all a mad dash to try to create a war, to bump up the price of oil, and to create opportune chaos.

If you read the comments sections in various articles about this, NO ONE wants to go back into Iraq. There are so many other areas with horrific conflicts and we’re still nursing the Iraq hangover with icepacks rubber-banded to both sides of our head and an economy that is significantly worse than GDI (that’s Great Depression I as opposed to GDII, which started in 2008 and still hasn’t resolved.)
I do believe this is all leading to a positive outcome, and I also believe this Iraq move is poorly planned, ill-advised and doomed to fail. It literally appears they took the same “dirty tricks crew” that tried to start trouble in Syria and just drove them over to Iraq.

Nothing seems to be working out for these guys right now and as they get weaker and weaker, they make bad mistakes. This is another example. They followed occult protocol by using the female aspect of Lucifer’s name, Isis, as the name of the invasion. That’s part of their religion.
Anyway, Ben obviously has people passing him disinformation. A simple reverse image search on Google could have revealed that the charred bodies photo already existed, and yet the MI5 guy passed it to him as being something else. Intel people are smart, and this was not an accident. The intel Ben got on Iraq also seems to be disinformation.

Nonetheless, the BRICS move to defeat the Cabal is real. The change is inevitable. What is up for question, still, is whether this will all culminate in some sort of mega-event and political announcement or whether it will occur in an ongoing series of unfolding events over time.

It is hard to know the answer to that. The resources are certainly in place for a mega-event, and the only thing they needed was to have an alternative financial system in place. That is now happening. So while it may seem like the ultimate pipe dream, I still do not rule out that we may get a “Moment of Truth.”

I do intend to finish up a pending article on this stuff in the coming week at

- David