Monday, June 23, 2014

Impeachment Proceeding Were Filed Against Tony Blair

The War Crisis on a Hair Trigger, Blair is being Impeached, Impeach Obama!

June 19, 2014 • 5:39AM

The world, as Helga Zepp-LaRouche stressed in discussions on Wednesday, is much closer to world war than you think. The British Empire and its puppet Obama are provoking Russia to an extreme degree with the slaughter in Ukraine, to try to force Putin to war; the Empire, including its Saudi branch, has also unleashed complete bloody chaos in Southwest Asia, playing all the sides in "sectarian" war there, and pushing Obama to intervene.

There is one path out: Impeach Obama. Sanction the Saudis and British. Release the 28 pages of the truth of 9/11.


Two major developments in the past 24 hours are critical to know. First, impeachment proceedings were filed in the House of Commons against Tony Blair by one MP; supported on the floor by another senior member. This is not to remove Blair from office; it's to prosecute and punish him for aggressive war, state lying, corruption of government. The British media are awash with attacks on Blair, days after he said new military action is necessary in Iraq. Remember, when Obama was ready to attack Syria, the first "blockade" against that was the House of Commons resolution prohibiting David Cameron from taking a step. So, perhaps, again.

Second, Obama told Congressional leaders in a meeting this week, that he did not need to consult Congress before taking military action in Iraq. That he claimed he was not taking it in the next 24 hours, is irrelevant, and false — we have the reports that he has ordered preparations, target acquisition, etc. He claims he can start a third Iraq War, without even consulting Congress, if he wishes to; and a few Congressional leaders of his party are, cravenly, repeating that line publicly on his behalf.

This is completely unconstitutional, aggressive war policy; it demands that Obama be impeached. Each of these war adventures takes the United States closer and closer to all-out war with Russia and China, just as the imperialists are trying to take Russia closer and closer to war with NATO.

This situation is so fraught, that one Democratic Senate leader, Dianne Feinstein, is calling for forcing out Iraqi President Maliki (as with Diem in Vietnam!) while other Democratic leaders say Obama is free to proceed to the bombing of Iraq in defense of Maliki against the "terrorists" — the ones Obama has supported against Assad in Syria. Republican confusion is no less tragic than this.

This is the insanity of "tactics". Only one way out is strategic: Impeach Obama; then the U.S. can work with China and Russia to turn the situation from war; the basis for that is clearly LaRouche's four laws.

Impeachment of Blair will certainly help. But this is what we in the U.S. have to do.