Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bix Weir Update - another false flag event?

News breaking that "someone" shot down a Commercial Malaysian Air 777 over the Ukraine killing over 300 people has rocked the markets at a very significant moment.
My first thought...Is this just another false flag event?
I know it is cynical and there will be images of distraught family members blasted over the airwaves very soon but how can we believe what we are told by the mainstream media when time and time again...they have lied to us?
Many things are pointing this being just another hoax including the following:
1) Malaysian Air involved AGAIN after their "lost plane" false flag event a few months back.
2) The markets were looking for an excuse to hit the collapse button
3) Gold and Silver have been rumored to be "allowed" to run up very soon.
4) European banks are in deep, deep trouble and need an excuse.
5) Ukrainian gov't came out immediately after the news hit with a story that they know that the Russians shot the plane down.
6) Obama and the EU have just laid new sanctions on Russia and are looking for support from the world.
All of the above leans me towards the conclusion that this is just another false flag event in a long, long string of many that our controllers have pulled off.
Let me be clear...this is just my hunch and it usually takes a few weeks/months before all the "conspiracy facts" come out proving the motives and methods behind the occurrence.
We are living in dangerous times so look at everything with a skeptical eye.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir