Tuesday, July 8, 2014

CIA, UFOs & Government Secrets with John Lear

Published on Jul 4, 2014
UFO secrets of the CIA & government, alternative theories on the 9/11 attacks, and the extensive net of conspiracy that shrouds the planet is discussed with John Lear. The former CIA pilot shares his experience in the truth wars with Sean Stone in this Buzzsaw interview.

John Lear, a captain for a major US Airline has flown over 160 different types of aircraft, in over 50 different countries. He holds 17 world speed record in the Lear Jet and is the only pilot ever to hold every airline certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration. Mr. Lear has flown missions worldwide for the CIA and other government agencies. A former Nevada State Senator candidate, he is the son of William P. Lear, designer of the Lear Jet executive airplane, the 8-track stereo, and founder of Lear Siegler Corporation. Lear became interested in the subject of UFO's after talking with United States Air Force Personnel who had witnessed a UFO landing at Bentwaters AFB, near London, England, and three small aliens walking up to the Wing Commander.

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00:01 Welcome to Buzzsaw.
00:50 Introducing John Lear.
01:00 9/11 conspiracies and the no-plane theory.
05:50 Lou Baldin a.k.a. "Sleeper", extraterrestrials, and the moon.
10:30 If extraterrestrials can come to Earth, why can't we go to them?
12:40 Lear's realization that there was a conspiracy going on in the C.I.A.
15:00 How did Bob Lazar get top secret clearance / alien craft knowledge?
25:30 Secret agreement between extraterrestrials and the government.
34:30 Thanks and goodbye.