Saturday, July 5, 2014


Published on Jul 4, 2014
This is being recorded on Independence Day in the US; yet the US is a major player in the human slave trade. Independence my ass! Even Dave Schmidt who has also talked with the Ambassador doesn't get it yet. He did a great job of explaining the vision of the Dragons entrusted with the mission of returning the people's value back to the people; then he started fielding questions from his audience. Right away he talks about paying the capital gains tax on profits from the the currency revaluation to the IRS. That's bullshit! He had just finished saying that the collateral accounts would not be released by the Dragons until the criminals were removed. The Fed and IRS are criminal, human energy harvesting syndicates, part of a global cabal behind the massive conspiracy to defraud and rob the public. One need only look at the CAFRs to see this. Governments can operate without taxation, which is extortion by rulers through the threat of violence. Peace and prosperity for the people of the world cannot coexist with that Beast. That is 666, which is being overcome by 444 & 555.