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Ines Radman: Channeling and Disinformation Agents

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In recent years, with ever more aggressive service-to-self activity “heating up” all over the world, an explosion of channeling has emerged that parrots terminology and concepts introduced by RA and the Cassiopaeans. Now, many channeled entities speaks openly of machinations by “dark forces” that control Earth, an organized Cabal of human oligarchs etc., while making various references to densities, polarities, the law of free will, an “energy wave” headed for Earth.

What techniques might be used to accomplish such a feat of deceit?

1. Bait the seeker with broad strokes of truth that “resonate” with them, charm them, and establish a good feeling akin to trust.
2. Reinforce the idea that readers are “special” for being able to recognize and understand these truths, subtly playing upon their egos.
3. Having established trust and receptiveness, pepper the material with falsehoods that will be accepted along with the truths.
4. Give ostensibly innocuous advice that actually serves to dis-empower.
Basic example:
1. Your world is changing, heading for a time of great physical and spiritual upheaval. Your leaders are lying to you.
2. You who know the truth are humanity’s saving grace and will be safe through the hard times to come.
3. The forces of good are prevailing against evil and soon your world will be transformed into a paradise.
4. Don’t involve yourself in the conflict and turmoil, but simply pour out your love and light upon the world to heal it.

Many channeled entities emphasize “sending love and light” into darkness. Ra explained why “Sending love and Light” where it is not asked for is a service-to-self activity. For those polarized extremely toward service-to-self, who believe in a loveless universe, the heart chakra is virtually shut. To them a “beam of love” is an evil death ray deceptively labeled as love. A warm embrace is in no way appreciated.

So, how have researchers of channeling come to Judge a “good” and helpful source of information? In general, good sources don’t give people lots of direct answer, but instead lead them to discover them so as to develop a person’s thinking and learning abilities. Good channels don’t make predictions without stating that they are only possibilities with a degree of probability, and they certainly don’t give calendar dates. They explain that this is because the future is not set, not created so, truly anything can happen. Service-to-self sources may seek to lure follower with calendar date predictions, exploiting our service-to-self belief that knowing such things gives us power.

I would be ecstatic if channelings stopped tomorrow. We’d finally be in a state where we can rely on our own ideals and our actions to get us where we want to be. I know it will be hard for many to accept the sudden ending of channelings, but we really are in need of self-reliance. This is OUR life. What we put into it is what we get back, simple as that.

Here are my thoughts on channelers:

1. Stop dangling the proverbial carrot of hope.
2. Stop talking in rhymes, cliches and ambiguous crap that can be interpreted in a million way.
3. Stop making vague promises.
4. Stop talking period, just come down from your higher frequency and lend a hand or else shut up.
5. Stop convincing us to not think for ourselves.
6. Stop keeping us passive as we wait our own demise.

Synchronicity happens to me all the time, and I am not calling it that anymore, I am simply realizing my desires by thinking about them. After all, we are what we think. So, as I was preparing to put this article together, I get an email from Kathryn E. May, no, I never unsubscribed from her channelings because I need to be in the know about what is going on in that dark world. I can’t say anything negative about Kathryn, she’s doing what she feels is right or it could be part of her role in the awakening, but it’s a prime example of these entities and their messages that I just wrote about. So, here it goes with my comments in red, I didn’t post the whole message because it’s just too long and too boring and repetitive:

You are going to see the RV in a matter of days, at last.  As you know, there were several times when we thought it would go through, but obstacles intervened.  In the interim, the world has changed.  We now are in a much better position to have an orderly and uncomplicated exchange for the people, without worries that the banks will be able to steal your blessings with hidden fees, threats and secret small print.I have lost count how many times you and St. Germain have said that the RV is just around the corner, and everytime it doesn’t happen, you claim it’s because something unexpected happened. Why should I believe you now? 

It is truly a new day, Beloved Ones.  Everywhere the Light is permeating the darkness, in the corners where the shadows have lingered for generations.  Even in the Middle East where the dictators threaten and plot to maintain their power, the people on the ground are no longer taking them seriously.  There will be a few skirmishes, then peace will settle upon the land once and for all.  We are overjoyed to see the many places where soldiers are finding it less and less appealing to follow a hotheaded despot into battle.  The news will not be found on your media, but I assure you that the conflicts in the world are diminishing, and a new feeling of hope has begun to spread across the globe.Come on Sananda, you speak to us as if we are stupid, deaf and blind and can’t see what is going on in the world. Nothing new about this crap, give me something I don’t know. 

This is a complex and delicate process.  It is being orchestrated behind the scenes with great care and concern for the stability of the countries which are now receiving a jolt of reality as the dark systems are being dismantled.  It is a difficult position for the leaders of the “free world” to have to walk the fine line between protecting their people who would be the first to be affected by a major shift in the financial systems, and preserving the system which keeps the majority enslaved to the few who have been in control.I think you said the same thing last year as well, copy and paste?

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