Friday, August 8, 2014

NASA Finally Confirms That The "IMPOSSIBLE SPACE ENGINE" Works - Infinite Power Source

Description: A new invention at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is truly out of this world. Its name? The EmDrive. Its function: a self-contained, solar-powered eternal space shift thruster engine. Inventor Roger Shawyer crafted the mind-blowing device, while scientists scratched their heads in continued disbelief. For years, researchers said it could never be done. But Shawyers invention is real. And its a huge breakthrough. Chinese scientists built a similar model 5 years ago, but kept their cards very close to their vest. Skeptical scientists refused to believe it could be done. Now, the EmDrive is being studied at NASA and they can hardly believe their eyes. Until now, no other invention has proved capable of constantly maintaining momentum while also generating its own power. Very few people could understand exactly HOW it works, but the people at NASA are blown away. This new microwave thruster has no propellor and it just keeps on going. The only potential obstacle would be a mechanical breakdown. Coupled with the Chinese reports in recent years, these confirmed discoveries are breaking barriers once again. This discovery comes shortly after NASAs budget was cut again. In the 60s, the space research budget was almost 5 percent of the US budget. Now, its less than half of one percent. Yet through innovation and invention, they continue to blaze a trail in the final frontier. Support Indymedia!Donate USD: BTC: your free Next News "Heroes & Villains" Poster here: : Facebook: : : the Next News Team: : #N3