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"Nazi-Style kangaroo courts in Austria" by Franz Mayer

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Ignorance and Separation,the strength of the enemy!

May14th,2014by Franz Mayer

I’m not a body not a name,I’m a spirit and you are the same!

I’m a fragment from a source where there is not mine and yours!

I’m from a realm absent separation and hierarchy!

I’m an eternal free spirit of oneness and equality!

I’m not above and not below and that’s the key now let it flow!

We are presently living in a time comparable leading up to the French Revolution regarding not only allocation of assets and power but also the deprivation of our unalienable rights,which the majority of the heavily brainwashed and indoctrinated western society takes still for granted.We are witnessing and observing the falling of the present trans-Atlantic system in all its different facets,from the demise and loss of the moral values and living conditions,to the malfunctioning of virtually all institutions until the ultimatephysical collapse occurs.

I write this article in order to take away the blinkers and grant you a look behind the curtain of our utterly corrupt legal system with the best of my intentions and for the highest good of all.After you read my episode and experiences and why I call the crooked ones “justitutes” you will comprehend how important ignorance and separation for this kind of procedure is.

Humans are like a dedicated computer model,borne with the same CPU and HDD,creative,eager for knowledge and zest for action up till they enter into the public educational system,where slowly but surely through a designed process of dumb down instead of enlightenment the computing power of the CPU diminishes till only the HDD remains functioning.

People have no clue what’s really going on in our world and how things operate.To give you a hint about the bigger picture I make use of a quote from J.Edgar Hoover:”The human mind is handicapped when confronted with a conspiracy so monstrous,he cannot believe it exists.” That’s the world we are living in it is all comprised of illusions and lies.

Now let’s take a closer look at one important piece of this puzzle,how the enemy takes away all our unalienable rights with one simple trick and one person is the key,a psychologist!

To begin with they bring you to court before a judge and psychologist; secondlyout of this meetingthey fabricatea result attesting a mental illness;thirdly they make one of their criminals to be your trustee to make money out of your assets.

And that’s simplified their king’s way from the rule of lawbackto the times of inquisition and Häresie.All our ensured rights are they constitutional,conventional or otherwise are all null and void at one stroke.Swept away are all our fundamental,civil and fawning human rights we are outlawed!That’s what I am right now with a dishonourable and criminal lawyer as trustee engineered by a corrupt and criminal judge!No,I did nothing wrong or dishonourable let alone illegality.I’m as honest as one can be.

Now let me tell you the story in broad outlines.

Back in2008on the occasion of my retirement my employer demanded that I have to sign a disclaimer of all my rights and financial claims,what I refused.Because of this refusal my retirement was rejected but I didn’t agree with this kind of procedure and practised civil disobedience.This kind of behaviour is not included in their slavery management in a3rd dimensional society where the available choices of your status are restricted to be a slave,an ill or a criminal.As a result they retired me temporally due to illness regardless of my attested psychological fitness as engine driver.I knew accurately what their intention was,to coerce me to a psychological examination with the intention of getting a reason for their retirement due to illness.Because of that they withdrew illegally my retirement payment therefore I consulted a lawyer in order to get my money back.But instead of asserting my rights he colluded with the criminals (later I convicted him with written evidence as a liar and crook).Subsequently9month without any payment at all.I reported an offence of all thosecriminal actions against my employer and the use of the Psychologists as a universal tool for their crimes.My wife beganexerting pressure on me up to the point where I had to make a choice between parting and check-up.It was a conversation disguised as a medical examination about the reasons of the escalation but enough to achieve their objective.Following I was retiredpermanently and they paid me the retained nine months of my pension.

Then a second try with a lawyer to bring those criminals to justice and cease once and for all their tyrannical and inhuman methods.At the time I had unequivocal evidence to convict thefirst lawyer as a liar and crook and he was not willing or able to do anything to bring him to justice I realized that this system is corrupt to such an extent that it can only swanky talk but has nothing left to walk.

About halve a year later I got a summons to court because my wife wants to be separated.Therefore I sent a registered mail with all pieces of evidence to the judge and asked her that she should let me know the footing of her unwanted,dictatorial intervention into my life and mentioned somereasons why in my opinion the system has lost all claims of authority.As a consequence she sent her court usher accompanied by two policemen which threatened me with physical force to come with them to the court.It was an arranged setup to frame me as mentally ill and I have written evidence that I knew it beforehand that this lowlife act was coming.

Consequently I reported this transgression of the judge as a deprivation of liberty to the BKA wherein I exposed the real purpose,to cover up a justice scandal,andtheexact outcome of this crime in advance.Until now they manipulated and ignored virtually everything and proceeded with their crimes as intended in dishonour and that’s how they exercise theirpower.A well hierarchical organized and centralized system in contrast to the ignorant and separated public enabled by a well designed dumb down process through all sorts of media and the public educational system,financed with dues and taxes justifiedas public interest.

They use a fabrication of lies as an expert opinion of a psychologist who I convicted as a liar and authorized one of their criminals as a trustee in order to enrich themselves with my assets and I have no longer a say in it because it is all in the name of law andfor the benefit of their victim so they say.

That’s what qualifies what I coined as “Nazi-Style kangaroo court”!

With love and good intent for enlightenment from Austria!

I am without prejudice!

Franz Mayer

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