Saturday, February 21, 2015

Earth Village Vigil for Alisa and Gabriel for February 21 - Everyone is invited to participate!

Update:  The vigil is going strong and is effecting the Illuminati energy structures that are in place.  Keep your awareness focused on this and put your unlimited and powerful energy in healing the damage done by this cult. 

It was just brought to my attention that Kelly La Sha has received threats from her local area.

Her site was also hacked by the cult this morning at her website .  They took it down as soon as this Vigil was made known in the public.


I am calling an Earth Village Vigil for Alisa and Gabriel, our modern day superheroes. The fearlessness and courage that they exhibit is something for us to all learn from. 

As difficult as it has been for us to digest the heinous crimes that are being committed to our children, we must realize that awareness is the key to end this torture. The truth is our magic wand. Anyone and everyone that is offended by Illuminati Satanic ritual needs to realize that we must take a stand. The question is how?

The lost art of ceremony has been taken from us for a reason. The power of intention in ceremony is magnanimous. In numbers, ceremony is even more powerful. The only reason why the Illuminati has gotten away with their secret crimes and lust for power and domination is by using magic in ritual. It is time for us to take magic back in our hands. They want us to feel powerless, and I will tell you right now that we are not powerless to anything. By taking the courage to know the truth, and feel the emotions of our outrage and empathy, we can use our intentions in ceremony to intend and assume to see the system caught and fail. 

London is not the only place where satanic rituals are performed. If there is a masonic lodge in your town, it is happening in your town… not to mention what is going on in the Middle East, Africa and more. Think about the numbers of 365 children, which is from the gregorian calendar, killed per year per sect of each cult in each town across the world. The governments, militaries, medical systems, education systems, CPS, court systems, law enforcement, financial systems, religions, and entertainment industries are all designed to disempower you. We have to decide when we no longer consent and end the nightmare. Your intention is more powerful that you realize, which is why I am calling a vigil. We light lighters and candles at concerts to celebrate celebrities, so why not light a candle and take a stand for something you really care about. 

On Saturday February 21st, Perry and I will be in ceremony and we encourage you to join us with your prayers and intentions. Gather together and tribe with us as the Earth Village. We are the ones that care for the Earth and her children, so we are the ones to create the change. We have many people that will be doing ceremony with us remotely. Some will be in ceremony for several hours and some will simply take a moment of silence with a candle. If you want to participate, all you have to do is feel your care, discharge any anger or feelings of revenge, and intend to see the covers lifted and our 3D world change before our eyes. 

My vision is to see lights lit up all over the world by each of you taking your power back and using your intention to create the world you want to live in. If you decide to participate, please share your experience in the comments. We will all feel the force of our stand that we make together... the more we connect together. 

With much love to you and yours,


Thank you Kelly for starting this vigil for all the young victims of the world wide Illuminati Satanic Cult network.  I will be participating along with many others on February 21, using our power of intention and emotional strength to shine the light and help lift the veil of darkness.  I invite all readers of this blog to inform your friends and family as well as other websites to participate in this world wide unity meditation/ceremony.

We would like to encourage everyone to post a comment on this article if you intend to participate in this vigil for the victims and feel free to post your experiences after the world vigil takes place.  Thank you!

~ enerchi