Wednesday, March 18, 2015

David Wilcock's Secret Space Program Insider "GoodETxSG" Introduces Himself To AWE Blog

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We got a visit yesterday from Luke aka GoodETxSG who introduced himself and left an update on the AWE blog.  I will be following Luke's updates and posting them on this blog to keep you informed.  The story he shares is quite interesting and if true provides valuable insight into the ongoing saga of the real life Star Wars taking place in our Solar System.   You can visit Luke's blog at .

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My PhotoHello "Luke" aka "GoodETxSG" here,

A Series of Major "Alliance Conferences" at LOC/Lunar Operation Command (Same time frame as "Putin being reported as Missing"). SSP Alliance & "Defectors" from Secret Earth Governments & "Other SSP's" present for presentation by "Blue Avian" (Raw-Tear-Eir) & "INTRODUCTION"/FIRST VISIT by Second of Four "Sphere Alliance" Being (10+ Ft Tall, Golden/Brown Skin, Triangle/Teardr op Shaped Head etc.). Full Report that is available so far of this "Being" and the LOC Conference/Briefing on the Web Site Below until David Wilcock does his complete Article and Download of this information

And Note fully taken and agreed with about what is coming out of "Avalon" right now. I was used and abused in that Forum. I had no idea what I was getting into or I would have come to DW directly for the full SSP and "Other" Black Ops Programs History involvement I had.

Do note that there in coming weeks on there are going to be some extremely extensive and through articles and reports on all of this subject matter. DW spent weeks and many hours vetting me with his other SSP Insiders and to this point he stated I have had over 230 points of correlation with no "Red Flags" or signs of deception. This includes insider information from the programs that has never been shared by anyone on the Internet or in SSP Presentations. It was quite a process but DW does not mess around when it comes to vetting his sources. This coming information/articles are going to be extremely interesting and eye opening.



Latest Updates from Luke at this link

Quote Originally Posted by Maunagarjana View Post
Maybe think of it like this....perhaps it's not a matter of a new system being imposed on us, as you are envisioning. Maybe it's more a matter of them planning for a new system organically and it naturally arising within a very loose and adaptable framework once the old system has been dismantled. I know you will most likely interpret the word "framework" in the most sinister way possible. But if you can't see how something like that would ease the transition into a new workable way of doing things, then I'm just glad that you are not involved in planning these things out, because I would bet your way would be a disaster in the short term.

With the availability of certain technologies mentioned (energy/healing/food replication, etc) certain old ways of doing things will become immediately obsolete. Now, there's many ways things can go from that point. And I'm sure we all have our visions of what might come of that. I think people vastly underestimate the social ramifications of free energy. With abundant energy production, and with people being unshackled from oil, gas, coal, nuclear, etc., the landscape of possibilities will look quite different when it comes to every aspect of society.

Everyone would be able to generate vast surpluses of energy. This virtually eliminates dependency on government and corporations. But there may be some uses for these things in a limited way, but nothing resembling how they were before. I would envision many people choosing to form co-ops where they voluntarily pool their surplus energy resources in order to use it in vast projects that would benefit everyone. Energy itself could become a unit of exchange, if exchange is required in a certain situation.

So what I am trying to say are reflexively assuming that the alliance has this rigid system they want to install, rather than a loose framework designed to anticipate the social ramifications of these actions. And much of the ramifications are actually pretty predictable, up to a point. In the way I see things, it would be completely irresponsible of them not to have such plans. For instance, it would be irresponsible to not anticipate how things can become chaotic and cause great harm. Do you really think that is a minor issue? Is there some point where your pragmatism overcomes your paranoia and you see some sort of planning as being not only beneficial but necessary?

IIRC, both Wilcock and Fulford has specifically said that when they talk about the alliance including these nations, they are not talking about their governments. That's a common misconception. So, who are they talking about? Of course, you want to know who these people are. But considering that they are in the middle of a war, and they are working under very necessary conditions of the utmost secrecy, I would say there is zero chance that you will get a list of names and a chance to grill them all to see if they pass muster when it comes your philosophical ideals. You must realize what they are up against. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment. If any liberation effort were going to succeed, things would have to be done in a certain stages, I would think. You're getting a bit ahead of things, I think. In the stage we are at now, the priority is getting rid of the cabal and their system.
I couldn't have put some of this better myself... I know elements of the Alliance keep close tab's on these postings. So if you really want to be in contact with them and they research you and your past/present agenda's match theirs they may contact you (I don't know). But yes, this is war... How far would the French Resistance have gotten during WWII if they had passed out leaflets of their plans and agenda and went door to door of all of the French asking "Do we have your permission to overthrow the NAZI Regime and free you from this tyranny? Check here for YES, Check here for NO, by the way here are pamphlets of all of our members and our tactics please read and enjoy..."

There is a war going on weather you want there to be or not... Sorry you were not asked for your consent. Those who were behind the scenes and the "Curtain" and watched the wizard at work decided it was time for the charade to end and the truth to come out and people to be FREE and to then decide to be Good or Evil of their own volition... There will always be plenty of time for "Choice"... (People have NO idea what has gone on for so long behind this curtain/veil and most haven't wanted to know...)

There are those that are going to try to turn every word and idea put forth about this topic and war between the "Alliance's" and the "Secret Earth Governments and their Syndicates" (Aka "Cabal") as something being worse than what we are living under. Fear mongering and twisting words and agenda's to match their own belief systems and reality bubbles as they cannot bend their 3D minds around some of these concepts...

These are things that will happen in stages, that is the point of a "PLAN"... But until you experience these "Technologies" you do not understand how meaningless the concept of MONEY is... They skip over the fact that Money was only set up as a way to control people, a Debt System setup that the Elite call the "Babylonian Money Magik Slave System" has been running strong for thousands of years... Many people only know it and will be afraid to see it go. "Cashless System" is a loaded term... That implies that there is some other sort of payment system other than CASH... You do not understand the concept of "FREE"... "NO COST"...

These are the same people that will weep as Babylon Falls... They are entirely invested in that system and cannot imagine another one existing. They know they were controlled by the other system and cannot imagine a new one where they are not controlled... Yet with all of the "Controllers" removed this is what it will be... Ultimately over time it will be what WE MAKE IT. And this time WE will bare responsibility for the outcome and not those secretly manipulating events and people from the shadows...

This is not slighting a person but it going to be a bit frustrating for many who are locked into old paradigms and belief systems (Reality Bubbles) and do not want to let go of their Slave System (Invisible Shackles)... Yet that is why these "PLANS" have multi steps so not to shock many of these people into psych wards or into curling up into bed with the TV on, now finally sharing the truth of our Human History and our Elite...

The Blue Avians stated it would get worse before it got better and that there were some rough times we as a species needed to go through in order to break free of this "Cycle" we have been placed on by our 'Manipulators" and "Custodian Beings"... We need a shocking series of events to lodge into our "Genetic Memory" to prevent us from repeating these cycles of history if we are to finally stand on our own two feet for the first time since we "Came to be"...

I am not here to convince you one way or the other, I am also not here to have circular debates with people who are prejudiced against the information without doing the full research with an open mind. I am just delivering a message for everyone to run through their own discernment filters and then Act or Not Act On... It is completely up to them. I for one would love to see a world with a Higher Vibration, Loving and Service to Others Population... IMHO.