Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dave Schmidt Update - April 8, 2015

April 8, 2015

For Months We Have been Waiting for Developments Regarding Funds Being Released.  Those Developments are Under Way.

April 8th Report
April 8th Report

For months many have been asking when the funds will begin to be released.  The early developments are now taking place as some projects are to be funded very soon.

Developments seem to be happening much slower than we would like.  Though it may be hard to understand, we are the ones who are holding up the progress just as much as other perceived outside forces such as the cabal.

We are just beginning to learn about the power of our thoughts and perceptions. We are learning how they either bring about what we want or hold up the progress we anticipate.  It's the old saying, "we are the ones we have been waiting for."  We are the ones bringing about the world we want.  

Understanding our thinking patterns and habits and the energy they produce is a massive change in all of us that takes a lifetime to understand.  We are all in this process of transition.   

This week on the raido program and video newsletter I discuss the importance of our perceptions and how we view this "blessing" we believe is coming our way.  Our perceptions produce the energy of our thoughts and are further turned into the projections we put out into the world.  These perceptions bring back to us what we are producing, either enhancing or delaying the very things we wish to bring about.

Many of us keep wondering when we will see this shift to  freedom from a world of financial slavery.  We are in a major shift of historical events.

Sometimes it's hard to see history when it is happening all around you because it unfolds in a very slow manner.  But, if you know  where and what to look for you can see it happening.

This is the time for a major shift in events for us a human race and it is time for us to free ourselves from centuries of oppression.  It is under way and when you can see it great hope comes our way.

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