Monday, April 20, 2015

Leo Wanta Responds To Benjamin Fulford - April 21, 2015

“What Lord Blackheath discusses is the use of 700 tons of gold owned by an Indochinese royal to fabricate 750,000 tons worth of gold backed certificates that were used to create $15 trillion that was used to bail out the Federal Reserve Board after the Lehman crisis of 2008.”

This is Blackheath discussion is a lie….i have first-hand documentation (including my documented proof) of who bailed out who September 16, 2008. It had nothing to do with England…as a matter of fact, the Royal Bank of Scotland was bailed out with my money, held in the NY FED….Bernanke, Geithner, Hank Paulson, Jamie Dimon were all involved in the “heist” that gave foreign banks $16T of stolen money from my account. Goldman Sachs, (thanks to hank paulson) was given $23T, and the pentagon was given $10T….all from my money. This matter has been proven in court; pay attention to the outcome of the AIG lawsuit former CEO Greenberg filed, and is related to my lawsuit filed to recover all my stolen funds which originated with $150B granted to me by Ronald Reagan and stolen by Bush Sr who kept it for himself. Bush Sr and Greenspan used my money to trade perpetually around the world 24/7 from the NYFED trading desk for the last 25 years, and they also made mirror accounts off my trading account…(using my money to make mirror accounts means, those account earnings are also my money, for they wouldn’t have had those mirror accounts without my account earning them money!)

So, Benjamin, need to do a little more research on who is lying to you. Yes the NYFED has to turn over my money, so says a judge, all of it…none of it belongs to any country in the world, even though it’s been spread around the world…these thieves around the world are lying to you about where they got their money…in 2008 every bank around the world was bankrupt because of the massive naked shorted derivatives in the market, and repeated in sub-prime mortgages….all massive fraud on WE THE PEOPLE by the banksters on Wall Street, with the help of congressmen and POTUS.

It’s over for DC folks, they are BANKRUPT, the US CORPORATION is no more…..the NYFED is moving to Chicago because they are BANKRUPT. Thanks to Texas Judges who honor the law; and are CHRISTIANS….they obey the FATHER!