Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Gordon Duff's Real Name is Bob Foote; Veteran's Today is an FBI Cointel Operation According to Stew Webb

Stew Webb discusses the NSA spying using the PROMIS software and also outs Gordon Duff's real name - Bob Foote to a world audience. Stew also exposes VeteransToday as an FBI Cointel operation to the world. The FBI troll site (VeteransToday) is now bashing Stew Webb, Jim Fetzer and other patriots who woke up and left after seeing the blatant disinformation being put out by Gordon Duff and VT.

VT is disgustingly now promoting Ted Gunderson as a hero when Ted Gunderson put David Hinkson and other patriots in prison for life on bogus charges! Ted Gunderson was also wanted by the District Attorneys in many states for fraud (ripping off old ladies) but was always protected by his FBI masters. VeteransToday is now regurgitating all the FBI troll lies about Stew Webb when Gordon Duff AKA Bob Foote always said that HE already VERIFIED Stew Webb was REAL and everything he said was TRUE! This has all come about because Stew Webb has now discovered who Gordon Duff and Veterans Today works for and will be putting out the evidence on 5-11-15's show on VeteransTruthNetwork.com at 8:00 pm EST

Veterans Today is now also promoting all the FBI troll sites such as educateyourself and the disinformation specialists such as Benjamin Fulford who promised 100,000 Ninjas were going to kill the Illuminati 5 years ago. YES, he actually said this! VT has become a sick joke and is now trying to arrest Stew Webb and others!