Sunday, June 21, 2015

Commenting On This Blog - Can we agree to unite together and keep commenting respectful of other people's belief system?

Hello Community,

It has been brought to my attention that the commenting on this blog has gotten out of hand.   It was my hope that people could have mature and respectful debates and it was my hope that the community of awakened individuals could unite under a common theme for the betterment of humanity. This post will feature community participation in trying to mediate what is happening on this blog.  Please express your ideas on how we can all work together.  I have already talked with quite a few members via email so thank you to all that have already provided some advice on how to proceed and move forward. 

Can we shake hands and forgive each other? Can we unite under a common understanding that all opinions and belief systems are allowed here and encourage without the fear of being attacked for our beliefs? 

** Just a reminder... the information presented on this blog has many different viewpoints coming from a wide range of sources.  Some of it may be conflicting with your belief system or supporting it. Either way you have the complete freedom to pick and choose what works with your understanding of reality.  I must also mention that just because I post a source of information doesn't necessarily mean that I support it.  I present information that actually goes against some of my beliefs but I do this in order to provide a complete spectrum of information and allow the reader to use their own discernment and own power to take or reject what is right for them.  Your beliefs and your version of reality is exactly Truth for you but it may not be Truth for someone else.  Please respect other community members and visitors of this blog.  Verbal abuse and condescending remarks towards others is not a healthy form of discussion, please help this community and avoid such discussion in the comment section of this blog.  If fighting is not avoidable please do it over your own personal communication system (email, phone, or other forum).  Please try to keep comments relevant to the article.  Do not call people names or spew hatred to the authors of the articles.  Your opinions and disagreements are welcomed but do it respectfully. Your viewpoint is valid and so are the other 7 billion people on planet earth. We can share space together and agree to disagree.  Is this something we can all agree upon? 

After some time researching for a comment system that allows better features as well as giving the community more options in identifying spam and abusive comments.  The commenting system is called Intense Debate.  It will allow community members to reply within threads,  you can flag abusive comments, you can vote down or vote up comments that are relevant to the article.  You can also use your Facebook and Twitter profile to login and comment.  You can add links and videos of research you found and share it with the community.  There is even a feature to earn reputation points if you are a commenter who posts quality discussions. See full list of features here ....

The new commenting system will be up shortly.  

Thank you for working with me on this.  As a community we can work together and provide solutions to the problems we face as humanity.  Let us grow together instead of dividing.  Let us move forward instead of moving back.  Let us make peace in order to avert war. Thank you for listening.