Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dr William B. Mount: US, China, Russia - Did you get God's Message Yet?

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US, China, Russia - Did you get God's Message Yet?

Leaders and Handlers  of the US Corporation, China and Russia did you get GOD's Message yet?

Within a few minutes after stating GOD will speak for me DC had an Earthquake with an evacuation of those living underground. The next day the man who is in charge of Russia's Natural Gas Pipeline Manufacturing Facilities was shot, the next day Japan had a large volcanic eruption that turned into the Chinese Mainland.

As for the US Corporation: Harry Read and Dumb Dumb John Kerry were beaten a few short weeks ago. Harry Read is now blind in one eye and retiring from the US Senate. Dirty Murdering Harry got the message, Kerry did not.

Two days ago Dumb Dumb John Kerry was shot twice - someone who was working for Kerry and  who is killing fellow Muslims put out a hit on John Kerry. The Muslims are tired of killing themselves for the Mighty Fascist Pigs in the White House.

A little while ago Vice President's son - Beau Biden - died. The cover story is Brain Cancer - but we can cure Brain Cancer with Sea Weed and Immusist - so how did he suddenly die and why were there no stories about his cancer before he died and no pictures of this public figure after using Chemo?

Beau Biden died suddenly - you put the pieces together. Murder is murder.

In yet another story we see even more Wall Street Bankers are dying and no one in the White House  is MAN enough to investigate.

The question remains - did the leaders of the US Corporation, Russia and China get the message?

Apparently not or they would have done as they were asked.

GOD will now speak even louder for me because apparently the deaths of their own sons and daughters do not sway them - so hold on to your hats because I am not sure exactly what the Living GOD will do.

Never before in history has the Living GOD killed the sons and daughters of world leaders and they remained too stubborn to do as GOD has asked them to do so   - hold on people - GOD will now speak.

The News You Need:

Dr William B. Mount

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