Friday, June 5, 2015

GoodETxSG Update - June 5, 2015

There seems to be some confusion among a few individuals about the "3 Off World Meetings Over The First 10 Days Of June" announcement. I made an announcement on Facebook and on my Website that was also picked up on Stillness in the Storm in the article I am reposting below.

To be clear, It was never stated that I was going to be off planet the entire first 10 days of June. I have meetings all the time with the SSP Alliance and with the Sphere Beings where I am picked up and dropped back off at my home. Some of the meetings I have stayed over night at off world locations and been returned to my home around 5 minutes after I was picked up.

Time is of no consequence to these 6th density beings and even the SSP has time dilation technology. Those who have been following the reports of my conferences closely understand this from the details of those reports. Those who have not have some confusion on the matter.

I was picked up at a little before 4 AM this morning and attended our joint SSP/Sphere Alliance Conference and was then delivered back home at just after 4 AM.

I have two more meetings over the next 5 days with a possible other meeting I was informed about with another opposition group (None of which are with "Draco's" which is being reported by another site.).

I know some of these technologies and concepts are still hard for some people to bend their minds around pre "Full Disclosure". This type of information and technology will one day be common knowledge.