Sunday, July 12, 2015

Dave Hodges Update - July 2015

Prepare to Defend Yourself, Major Cyber Attacks Are Planned

cyber attack 3

One some days, through the grace of God, I have demonstrated the ability to decipher events and connect the dots and form meaningful conclusions. Sometimes, I feel like I am dumber than a box of rocks. Issues will sometimes present themselves and I have been slow to grasp the meaning. This week, my ability to analyze and decipher, has been lacking. However, the signs coming forth, would reveal to a blind man, that the United States is only a short time away from a dramatic and and series of devastating cyber attacks which could forever change many of our lives.

The Catalyst for Collapse Will Be Economic

The vast majority of the Independent Media believes that the catalyst for martial law and the death of America as we know her, will be economic. Since the abandonment of the gold standard and now, the world running from the Petrodollar, the American economy is living on borrowed time and the chest pains are increasing with each passing day.


These real numbers tell the truth.

These real numbers tell the truth.

The readers can see from the above chart, that the American economy has been in an abject meltdown since around 2009. Yet, numbers being paraded out by the Obama administration paint a rosy picture, but they are a complete lie.
economic collapse 
The Obama administration would have the people believe that the unemployment rate is 5% and inflation is about the same when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Two outstanding economists, Joseph Meyer and John Williams will tell you that the unemployment/underemployment rate is about 23-25%. These are Depression era numbers. Husbands ask your wives about the cost of food. The inflation rate is really about 14-15%, but when the government calculates the inflation rate, they don’t count the cost of gas and food, like we don’t have eat or drive to work? We live in a petroleum dominated economy and the price gas/oil does not matter? We have well over a 100 million working-age Americans do not have full time employment. These people outnumber the full time employees. Yet, when the government calculates the unemployment rate, they don’t count someone who has a professional license as being unemployed (e.g. teacher, barber, etc) whether they actually have a job or not. If a person goes off unemployment after six months, they are counted as employed by the system whether they have a job, or not!

The old Mark Twain saying, “Figures lie and liars figure” comes to mind. Our economy is on life support and the Obama administration is in complete denial of this reality. It is against this reality, as a backdrop, that I write the rest of the article.