Friday, July 3, 2015

Simon Parkes Newsletter For July 2015


Welcome to the July edition.  This newsletter will cover quite a range of topics.  I have always tried to keep the newsletters short and to the point and not indulged in jumping from one topic to another, however there have been so many developments that I will have to break my own rule.  I hope that there is something for everybody in this newsletter.  It is just not possible to cover all the issues that have come to the fore in recent weeks, so I have concentrated on what I believe to be of importance and I am sorry if I have missed out a topic which is of interest to you.  So with this proviso here we go!

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank or AIIB has signed itself into corporate activity as a direct challenge to the world bank (Rothschild) and as a consequence the US dollar.  It is of paramount importance to note that Australia and Great Britain (UK) are not only members of this new bank but are founding members!  The UK and Australia at one time were Americas strongest allies so what a shock to learn that financially at least they have jumped ships.  Both the United States and Japan have come out strongly against the new bank and the US is attempting to prevent other countries from joining.  After the terrible disaster that Japan suffered we can perhaps forgive them for being the United States lapdog.

To my knowledge there have been three meetings between the Federal Reserve and key foreign investors in relation to preventing a financial crash in America.  At present the Fed is exploring the possibility of substantially raising interest rates, concurrently to this, key Asian business men are being encouraged to move gold, bonds and precious stones into America mainland banks.  Since nobody believes in worthless zeros anymore foreign gold and land/real estate bonds now constitute the only real wealth that American creditors will accept.  If these talks are successful there will be no financial crash this fall.

In the Shanghai and Hong Kong Bank in the American mainland there is an inventory.  This inventory shows that over half a million individual gold bars are currently stored on behalf of the Federal Government.  American law is complex – each state within the union in entitled to a share of this gold.  The Governor of Texas has formally written to Washington asking for the Texas share to be returned to his office, why would the Texas Governor want to hold gold and not trust the American Federal Government?   The answer lies in a very real possibility that Texas is on the verge of seeding from the Union.

In June of this year the Lucifer telescope managed and run directly by the Vatican re-established contact with a large foreign body that recently entered our solar system.  This is the second such object to be detected this year and is a source of great excitement/worry for Vatican officials, because at this stage they do not know the intent of this object.  The occupants of the previous object turned out to be of a distinctly blue hue and were more favourable to humanity than the Vatican was prepared for.  I know there has been much speculation that a comet or such like will strike the earth in September – this is not my understanding.  Far more likely will be some form of artificial emergency followed by an orchestrated ‘rebellion’ in one of the American states.  With Jade Helm still fresh in our minds and the Texas Governor’s public statement about free will ringing in our ears we watch this with interest.  While one Governor speaks for the people another Governor speaks against the people.  Recently a State Governor has declared that there are too many people in his state and the population needs to be reduced.  The NWO old gender seems to be back on the table.

With our own Connecting Consciousness Group severely under attack I wanted to tell you what has been happening and how we are going forward.  Within the space of 24 hours we ‘lost’ three wonderful volunteers all who felt a huge psychic attack, this combined with a heavy workload proved too much.  I will always be really indebted for their hard work and a valuable lesson has been learnt for no matter how spiritual and able our volunteers are their ability to resist such interference becomes a prerequisite when helping out with the project.  Whilst I knew that certain elements would not like what I and others had created I did not realise just how vicious these attacks would be (we must be doing some good!) it means that anybody who helps out with the Connecting Consciousness Group should be confident that they understand the nature of psychic attacks and should be able to protect themselves in a psychic manner.  For this reason we have not rushed at recruiting new volunteers from the very great number of pledges that we received but we will be contacting those that have offered individually based on the needs of the project.  To everybody who has offered I personally thank you and it may be that at present your offer is not taken up but in the future may well be.  As Connecting Consciousness grows so more volunteers will be required and so we will be in touch.

Due to these rather annoying interruptions the work on the group was delayed.  Having seen off the last attacks I can now concentrate on forming the group.  An important method of contact will be the change to the Facebook page, I personally will be joining as Senior Moderator, this means not only will I be moderating but I will be joining the discussions and playing an active role in the topics.  This is a closed group and only those who have had a reading of one sort or another with me can join.  Once this has been working successfully ‘the Group’ will be split into sub groups based on abilities and locations.  More information will be available when I join the Facebook page.  For the Facebook membership for those who have not had a reading with me but nevertheless have put themselves forward to participate in the wider group I will be booking skype sessions of 5 minutes with you on a rolling programme dictated by the needs required and the skills that have been offered – if you are not contacted it does not mean that there is no roll for you it simple means that the skills that you have are not required at the present time but undoubtedly will be required as the year progresses.

As we begin to take back control I am delighted to report that limited new bookings will be taken starting from around a month’s time.  Many ‘people’ see the human race as very frail this is just not the case, the many offers of help that I have personally received shows me just how resilient and wonderful humanity can be when it is at its best.  Connecting Consciousness received a brand new computer as a donation from such a person, Connecting Consciousness has also received financial donations from a wide range of supporters.  Without this support the truth is we just could not of carried on.  So for every negative person in the world there is at least two others with good intent, this is why I personally will never give up and will always do what I can to assist and help those who need it.  Without the untiring help from the volunteers at Connecting Consciousness my creation would have failed, which shows that individually we can be constrained but when we act as a group we cannot be stopped.  There is one person who I have not named who stood fast and saw off the attacks that were aimed against her, she knows who I mean and I thank her from the bottom of my heart, indeed without Fran’s help I would have been totally swamped by the needs and requirements of so many people, indeed I thank all of you for your continued support and kind thoughts.

Recently I have received increased publicity in the United States and I am conscious that it is important to maintain connection with the British audience.  If you participate in a group and you would like me to speak at a venue then please fill in the media contact form on the website.
Much love, much strength, much hope